D.e. Filter Vs. Cartridge Filter

D.E. Filter, which stands for Diatomaceous Earth) seem to be less preferred than the cartridge filter. Although it can trap very small particles, the maintenance work that has been required by some, seems to make that less important. When you look at the D.E. filter versus the cartridge filter, most people are having to constantly add more water to the pool, when having the D.E. filter, and they seem to have to add more salt, when the pool requires salt, than if they were to have a cartridge filter. The D.E. filter also requires a D.E. powder and if you do not have it, then you cannot operate your pump. The pressure rises very quickly and could cause damage to the grids if you do not have the D.E. powder. The grids also need to be kept clean and if they ever become damaged, the grids can be very expensive to replace. Cleaning a D.E. swimming pool filter can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on how skilled you are at it and how dirty your pool filter is.
If you have a smaller pool or spa, the cartridge filer is becoming very popular. The cartridge filter element, traps dirt and particles, microns in size, and prevents the dirt and particles from being in your pool. In order to maintain the cartridge, you simply pull it out, and hose it down from top to bottom to remove the dirt and particles. You replace the filter every 2 to 5 years, unless you have a lot of debris that gets in your pool and then you would replace it every 1 to 2 years. Most of these filters can operate for 6 months before you need to clean them.
As you can see, the cartridge filter requires less maintenance than the D.E. filter and are less likely to cause higher replacement fees. The cartridge filter does not clog up as quickly and therefore you do not have to clean them as frequently. Cartridge filters are designed to run at lower pressure and this puts less back pressure on the pump. Therefore you get more flow and turnover for an equivalent pump size. Cartridge filters have a greater surface area than sand or DE filters, allowing for fewer clogs and easier maintenance.
The D.E. filter runs at higher pressures than cartridge filters and due to this, there can be some inefficiency and loss of flow.
We are all very busy, we do not want a pool or a filter that requires constant maintenance or ends up having an even higher price tag. By going with a cartridge filter, you will reduce the maintenance and will ultimately end up spending less on the filter and the maintenance work that is required of other filters.
When we purchase a house that already has a swimming pool, or we end up having a swimming pool built, we are doing this in order to enjoy the swimming pool. We do not want the headache of extra maintenance before we can begin enjoying our swimming pool. You may need to hire a professional to give you the maintenance that your swimming pool requires, but if not, at least speak with a professional about the type of filter that would be best for your swimming pool and your family. Do not try to make the choice on your own, if you are not familiar with these products.