DAB Radio Is Here To Stay

With DAB radio all the rage now, is it really as good as everyone says it is? A portable DAB radio will help keep you occupied while you are out and about as you will be able to keep up to date with the news, or just listen to its mp3 player before you get home. You will always be in touch as almost all the UK is now covered.

DAB Radio is pretty much weather resistant so it does not matter if it is sunny, snowing, raining or whatever you will always receive a crystal clear reception without the hiss, fading and crackle found in analogue radios. It is clear because it produces a digital signal from land based technology instead of satellite as in television and as there are now lots of transmitters around you will never be far away from one.

A modern day personal DAB radio is lightweight and compact for you to take around the golf course but they are absolutely stylish enough to put on any sideboard inside your house. Standing upright you can easily see which program you are listening to when looking at the clear LCD screen. Also there are lots more programs than are available on an ordinary radio.

Tuning into the stations is not a problem as most of them automatically tune themselves. You don’t have to fiddle with dials to get a good signal, once it finds a signal that is it. its also a lot easier to make sure that you’re on the channel you want as they sort them by name rather than frequency so a name will appear rather than a number. The display usually shows details on the title and artist if you are listening to a music channel.

To turn a portable radio into a personal one you will find a jack socket to plug in an ear-piece. This means you can listen in comfort wherever you are and not be a nuisance to anyone else around you.

Most of the leading radio makers have brought out various models of digital radio but leading the way seem to be Sony, Roberts and PURE.

I think that you can safely say that we think that DAB radio is here to stay for a while although it will probably change over the years and would make an excellent Christmas present.

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