Daily Natural Acne Treatments

Teens are prone to acne because 90% acne problem happen at 15 to 19 years of age. But do not worry because it will not appear on your face if we do a proper acne treatments. Don’t panic if acne has already appeared on your face, there are many way to overcome this skin problem. One of the natural acne treatment is: Take one young corn, wash it until clean, grate the corn, then rub evenly to the face, after that let sit for about 2 hours, and wash with water until your face free from the corn. Do it once a day until the scars disappear. Use also distinguished safe bleach cream for the skin, because in addition to whiten the face also helps restore acne scars / black spots.

Natural acne treatments just like above is very good because we do not have to worry about the side effect of the medicine or acne cream. One kind of medicine or acne cream may can be very effective to a person, but it can’t guarantee that it can work effectively for another person. This is because the skin is different between one person and another.

Acne treatments for women should avoid cosmetics labeled non-blackheads and avoid thick foundation, women should choose to use powder rather than a distinguished form of cream, because the powder does not cause irritation and non-blackheads on your skin. Gently wash your face every morning and evening with a 4.5 or 5.5 ph balance soap which contains benzoyl peroxide or sulfur. Or you could also clean the face every morning and afternoon with warm water and soft soap like baby soap. Every night do a facial scrub using ripe tomatoes or cucumbers which is already splited. For better results, use acne cream which also serves to remove acne and make your skin clean. Another useful acne treatments is avoid certain foods such as fast food, consume more fruits and vegetables. Tips for the woman who turned age 30 years should be more intensive use night cream, because at that age the skin elasticity has begun to decline, and also can remove brown stain over increasing age. SABUNG AYAM