“dairy Godfather” Zheng Junhuai Incursion Backstage – Zheng Junhuai, Red Star Dairy – Food

Red Star confirmed that a staff member within the group, the group has indeed and Zheng Junhuai Cooperation , Cooperation projects in the construction began, the official end of the year to run.

China Dairy “The Godfather” Zheng Junhuai more than a year after his release, has been rumored.

Yesterday, the “Daily Economic News” reporter learned from multiple internal insider Department, Zheng Junhuai Heilongjiang Hongxing Group recently set up jointly with the cooperation of new projects.

Star confirmed that a staff member within the group, the group has indeed and Zheng Junhuai cooperation, cooperation projects in the start of the project, the official end of the year to run. But informed sources, Zheng Junhuai not personally operate the project.

Zheng Junhuai out without “complex”
2005 12 months, Zheng Junhuai for misappropriating public funds and sentenced 6 years.
Learned, Zheng Junhuai good behavior while serving their sentences, first sentence reduction of about 1 year; and later invented a patented energy saving and put into use, once again allowed to remission. Zheng Junhuai

after the release of the performance of very low-key, has repeatedly refused media requests for an interview. In May this year, an industry conference, Zheng Junhuai the media frequently thrown out of the question, should be a simple response to that: I’m tired.

Although the result of embezzlement of public funds with imprisonment, the person close to Zheng Junhuai evaluation of his considerable personal charm. Public information, Zheng Junhuai job, even the local farmers have brought him full of gratitude.

According to report, had tried to contact Zheng Junhuai venture, I hope he make a comeback.

“As Zheng Junhuai brand influence too. He coming out, without saying a word, there will be a large number of people who follow him.” Informed sources, the current corporate executives are a lot of Lactobacillus Zheng Junhuai the old unit, they have explicitly or implicitly defected passed.

According to sources close to Zheng Junhuai said to the newspaper, Zheng Junhuai this does not directly come out, it took command of the team through his manipulation of dairy program.

Is so, one major reason is the legal limit. China “Company Law” the relevant provisions, due to corruption, bribery, encroachment of property, misappropriation of property or the destruction of the socialist market economic order, was sentenced to punishment, execution expired less than five years, or deprivation of political rights for crime, the implementation of the expiry of not more than five people, not act as a director, supervisors and senior managers. Zheng was sentenced for embezzlement of public funds 6 years, commuted from prison soon, obviously not eligible to act as directors, supervisors and senior management conditions.

Does not prevent the manipulator back dairy program. The first step is facing multiple challenges
Zheng Junhuai “coming out”, the first step will be how to get? From “Zheng Junhuai team will carry 4 billion yuan to return to dairy” to “Zheng Junhuai plan registered in the header ‘new long march’ Dairy Brand “, the industry has 20 years of his dairy experience the legend of how in the end will be re-arrested lakes guess never stopped.

“Was intended to set up base in Baotou, location are optimistic, and Lao Zheng resources and relations are essentially in Inner Mongolia, we think it is reasonable to do so.” One of the industry told this reporter.

However, Zheng Junhuai action quickly changed, still many people surprised?? He chose Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province and the Red Star Group cooperation.

For Zheng Junhuai the “coming out” prospects, the industry widely divergent views. SABUNG AYAM