Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Do not let the dark circles under your eye get you into a bout of self deprecating feelings. The good news is with the help of creams, cosmetics, vitamins and rest you can get rid of these dark circles and restore an overall glow to your face.

Dark circles under eyes can be a result of different attributes. Discoloration under the eyes can affect all of us at one time or the other. The basic reason for this is some kind of physical ailment persisting inside. Allergies, inadequate sleep, and heredity are the other contributing factors to dark circles under eyes. Whatever the reason you can easily minimize dark circles and sometimes even remove them completely. However, before embarking on eliminating these, you might understand the reason behind the dark circles under your eyes.

A list of factors that may create dark circles:

An appearance of dark circles due to aging because of thinning of skin and fat pad under the eyes

Sun’s rays make the aging skin worse and make the skin darker

Allergies to airborne substances such as pollen, dust, pet dander create itch in the eyes and result in darkness under the eye due to scratching

Hay-fever patients can notice an increase in dark circles at the height of the season

Food allergies also contribute to dark circles

Heredity too is a factor for dark circles; we sometimes notice this running in families

Dark circles appear more prominent in people with fair skin or deep set eyes

Fluid retention due to excess salt, heart, thyroid or liver diseases contributes to dark circles
Medications of certain type also cause dark circles
Poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, too many caffeinated drinks, cigarette smoking, and lack of exercise can all contribute to under-eye discoloration
Lack of sleep or stress also reflect on your face as dark circles
Anemia may cause bluish coloration under the eyes making the pair appear pale and discolored
Dehydration causes dark circles around the eyes

Dark circles are the second most common dermatological complaint second only to acne. There are the natural methods or the cosmetic products to get rid of these. A few home remedies that you could consider to reduce dark circles:
Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to keep your body hydrated and rejuvenated
A good night’s sleep and peaceful mind can reduce the stress induced discoloration
Eat a well balanced diet with an extra helping of vitamin K supplement foods
If you smoke or drink alcohol, it would be better to bring down the intake
Cooling cucumber slices can be placed on your eyes everyday for a short while
Herbal tea bags tend to cool eyes and help in reducing swelling and discoloration
An eye massage with almond oil is effective in reducing the darkness under eye
Some spices like nutmeg powdered and applied under the eyes reduces discoloration

There are many creams and cosmetics that help reduce dark circles and even remove them. Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream is a lavish anti-oxidant balancing eye cream that helps relieve & pacify stressed skin. With Clinique All About Eyes”” Rich you can have a lightweight hydrating eye cream/gel that instantly eliminates the appearance of fine lines helping to reduce the puffiness & dark circles. Power K Eye Rescue is another very effective cream in dark circles repair. It fights the underlying cause of eye darkening, brightens eyes, & reduces dark circles, fatigue, and bruising. This cream minimizes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & other signs of aging SABUNG AYAM
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