Dating a Divorced Parent That Has a Child

Currently divorced couple outnumber never divorced couples by a slight percentage. Some nationalities, due to their cultural background or religious views, file for divorce less. For example Indian couples almost never divorce. However people with deep American roots, especially those whose grandparents were born here can’t keep life lasting relationships 75% of a time.

At least 50% of previously divorced people at some point start looking for the next relationship. As you would imagine people who previously never married often come across divorced people. Nowadays it is a frequent scenario when a divorcee is also a single parent. So, what to expect and how to make it work? Here we will briefly go over main points and hopefully waive some of the myths.

Actually children, with some work and a bit of luck may become a link between you and their single parent. Of course you can’t take a child away from number one place in their mother’s life, especially if she is a good mother. You wouldn’t want to date a bad mother any way. And you will sometimes catch yourself in a scenario when she cancels a date because her child is sick. Don’t be selfish, offer her your help. Offer to run some errands or come over and spend time with her while he child sleeps.

Single dads are also not uncommon in today’s world. If you are a lady trying to win a heart of such man, you actually have much of a chance if your attitude is right. Don’t hesitate to do some cooking, caring or cleaning. Man will value you so much more over another pretty looking chick with long nails and high heels or even a few sizes smaller.

But how to win child’s heart? The answer highly varies by age of kid, a character and even the fact whether the other parent is still in the picture. If another parent died many would think it’s harder to win a child’s heart because you will be foreseen as a step mother or step father. Actually I think it’s easier to get along and fill in the space in this case.

The idea of mean step mother or father nowadays only remains in books. With human rights and children rights be so well protected in America the child does not have to worry to be unfed, undressed or mistreated. You will be surprised to find out that the child who lost a parent would be actually happy to find someone to fill in the blank in their life. Such children will be very happy if you give them attention and some of your time. Please do go with them to museums, read books and watch cartoons . Talk to them often and do things together and you won’t even notice how fast you will become their best friend.

Now, case will be different if another parent is still alive. I that parent abused the child badly you may need to inquire advice of physiologist since no case is similar. But if parent is more or less normal, you will never convince the child that their mommy or daddy is bad. Even if that person in prison, it will still be a best parent for the poor kid. Unfortunately such children may see you as a barrier between their parents or even a reason for family break up.

You would need to be political in this case. Of course your partner will have to play a big role in framing relationships between you, them and their children. Don’t even think of convincing them that their separated parent is bad. Even if they murdered someone or abandoned them they will still be their most beloved mommy or daddy. Be respectful to child’s feelings. Be open to listen of they want to tell you a story about that mama or dada. If they tell you such things it means you are getting closer to becoming their friend.

Practice shows that divorcees with children are actually really good partners. They are more caring towards their target and will value you more when they see you are ready to co-exist with their extended family. No doubt they will have to put an extra effort and prove to you that you are No.1 in their life at least on dates or in conversations. But it is also true that you will have to be prepared to work a bit extra in such relationships to turn them into a long lasting union.
Sabung Ayam
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