Day Spas – Bridal Services You Can’t Ignore

If your wedding day is drawing nearer by the second, you may be thinking about booking an appointment with one of the many Colorado Springs day spas. There’s so much to be done before your wedding, and you deserve a bit of pampering. The good news is that many spas now create packages just for you and your bridal party.

Bridal Packages

While the packages available often vary from location to location, there are a few things you can expect in almost any deal for brides. Perhaps the biggest is a massage. There’s nothing like the stress of a wedding to get your muscles knotted up, and a massage is a great way to relax before that big day. In most cases you can get a full body massage with your package, but if you’d prefer to substitute something a bit different, don’t hesitate to ask if that’s allowed. Aromatherapy is sometimes included in the package too, and it works to help your mind drift away from the stress of thoughts like “Did I call the caterer back?” and “I wonder if all of the invitations arrived.” A body polish is also sometimes part of these packages, and it works to make certain your skin is glowing on the morning of your big day. A body polish is performed using a rougher material along with a massage oil. The goal is to scrub off the outer layer of skin, leaving you radiant. Once it’s finished, you’ll shower off, and in some cases, that will be followed by a body wrap to help further the process of ensuring your skin looks amazing.

Your Alternatives

Even if the Colorado Springs day spas you are considering don’t already have a package put together to meet your needs, there’s little reason you can’t build your own in the days before your wedding. A few things you certainly want to include are a massage, facials, manicures, and even body scrubs. That said, however, there are a few treatments you’ll want to avoid as well. Chemical peels too close to your wedding could leave your skin looking a bit too red for the pictures. Waxing in all the wrong areas can do the same thing. The goal here is to look and feel amazing when your big day rolls around, so think carefully about the after-effects of a procedure before you book it just days before your wedding.