Deadly Forklift Dangers

Workers face a lot of danger while they work around or near forklifts. This article will show you the different dangers faced by most workers in the United States.

It is estimated that millions of forklifts are used in thousands of workplaces in the United States and each year there are hundreds of workers being killed and thousands of others being seriously injured in incidents related to the Forklift.

This article will give an insight of some of the few forklift dangers that are responsible for the injury and deaths of the workers. The following are the list of dangers that most workers face while working with or around forklifts.

Forklift Turnovers: One out of every four forklift fatality happens when forklifts tip over. A forklift can tip over easily if it is overloaded or when it travels, when the forklift is higher or when the load is not well balanced. Personnel injured or killed in these situations are often found with no seat belts. To prevent these accidents, the operator must not forget to wear a seat belt and must go through OSHA safety trainings that will help him understand the hazards and the preventive measures to avoid the risks and dangers associated with the forklift.
Struck by Forklift: Pedestrians can often be unlucky victims. Most fatalities happen when innocent pedestrians nearby are struck by forklifts. This kind of situation cannot be foretold and to avoid this, operators should obey the speed limits, watch out for nearby pedestrians, press the horns when vision is not clear and avoid driving very close to people working nearby or their work-station.
Crushed by Forklift: A forklift can weigh thousands of tons and about 16% of forklift fatalities happen when victims are crushed. This happens often when passengers ride on a forklift truck and dont wear a seat belt.
Falls from Forklifts: A fall from a forklift truck may be fatal and of all forklift fatalities, 9% result from fall. Most of these incidents happen when workers do not adhere to the safety practices set by OSHA.
Lack of Inspection or Performing Proper Maintenance: Forklifts have to be properly maintained and inspected regularly. Failing that would put the operators at great risk.

Training is the best method to prevent forklift accidents. The above dangers happen every year and if the workers were educated with proper training then, they would not have to face these dangers and if they do, they would know how to avoid the hazards.

The OSHA safety training is a great way you can avoid the danger of forklift accidents.
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