Dealing With Bacterial Vaginosis – Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Bacterial Vaginosis

You are not alone in dealing with bacterial vaginosis. Your condition is understandable and many women experience this cumbersome ailment. The good news is there are things that you can do to help mitigate the ill experience associated with this condition.

Many will tell you all sorts of things that they have done based on their experience but these type of advice that are aimed at dealing with bacterial vaginosis, while good intentioned can sometimes complicate things. To avoid the pitfalls be sure not to do the following mistakes:

Mistake # 1
Not altering your sexual activities when you are experiencing bacterial vaginosis, it is important to stay clear of any sexual activities first. Be sure to clear the infection first before trying to do the usual stuff you are accustomed to. The experience can be very bad for either of you and spreading BV to your partners mouth is very real and possible if you are into oral sex

Mistake # 2
Not using cotton panties it is crucial to use cotton panties because it provides adequate breathing space and helps control the multiplication of bacteria causing vaginosis. If you are fond of those fancy lingerie which are non cotton, then it is time to go easy on them while you still have vaginosis.

Mistake # 3
Douching You see when someone suffering from bacterial vaginosis douches, she is disrupting further the natural environment and balance of bacteria inside the female genitalia. The wash that is used by the patient may even make things worse that is why experts advice that you stop douching while dealing with bacterial vaginosis.

There you go, some of the mistakes to avoid when you are dealing with bacterial vaginosis. This is sound advice and must be taken seriously if you plan to cure yourself of this malady quickly and efficiently. Nobody should suffer from this illness any longer; keep your guard up and remember these things along the way. SABUNG AYAM