Dealing With Troublemakers: Rival Schools and Street Fighters

If you are going to open a martial arts college, please beware that you will have to deal with troublemakers. You know what I’m speaking about. You’ve seen the martial arts movie where a karate teacher is busy teaching class for example, and all of a sudden, a bunch of clowns from a rival school show up and want to fight. If you consider this scene only takes place in the motion pictures, you are sorely mistaken.

It is not uncommon to have challengers come into a martial art school hunting for a fight. As the proprietor of a martial arts college, I have observed troublemakers come in several forms, some subtle, some not so subtle. If you plan on running a martial art club, you truly need to comprehend how this can happen and what to do about it.

We as soon as had a rival school send a drug-crazed maniac who walked into a class with the purpose of hurting individuals. An additional sent two girls who openly wanted to challenge our female instructors. One particular of these females actually lunged at me! These people are harmful intruders bent on violence. We have not hesitated in resorting to legal action by calling the police and getting our lawyers involved. As the head instructor, you are responsible for the safety of your students. Send an individual else to get in touch with 911, even though you attempt to calm the circumstance down before the police arrive.

Most troublemakers never come in packs like they do in the martial arts motion pictures. Quite typically, a rival college or neighborhood street fighter registers as a student with your club and his major objective is to challenge your students and pick fights. These people are not interested in types, strategy, or fitness.

Martial art schools do not like to turn paying students away, so I take a “wait and see” attitude. If a point of view student is so obnoxious, you are inside your rights to reject him as a member of your club and inform him to go elsewhere.

Street fighters want to prove themselves. They are there to fight. I generally handle these individuals myself or delegate their training to an knowledgeable fighter/instructor who will be in a position to deal with him skillfully. I built my first college on local street fighters who came right here for a challenge and ended up getting loyal students.

Men and women from rival schools are there to lead to difficulty. They are either sent by their instructors or are there on their own. Their mission is to verify out your operation and cause disruptions. This comes in the type of challenges to you or your students. They will also berate your style or the way you do factors. Again, I usually deal with these people myself or pair them off with a skilled fighter/instructor.

Whether it is the blatant challenge or the Trojan Horse, always be vigilant. While the challenges are not as dramatic as they are in the motion pictures, they do exist. This is a business that tends to attract this type of element.