Decorating A Banquet Hall On A Budget

The importance of the banquet hall can’t be underestimated. When guests enter the room and see the accessories and lighting jewelry, the response is often ‘ahhhh.’ The other ‘ahhhh’ moment and possibly the most looked-forward to moment of a wedding is when the bride makes her first appearance. Because so much of the reception takes place in the banquet hall, making an impression is a top priority for many brides.

It’s easy to create a lasting impression when money is no object. However, if you’re working on a budget, there are a few tips that can help you create a spectacular setting without spending a lot of money.

A room lit by candlelight casts a soft glow over everything. While pillar candles can cost a lot of money, votives and tea lights don’t. In fact, you can buy a bag of 100 for less than $ 20.00 at a lot of discount stores. Buy a couple hundred and adorn the room with them. Light the wedding cake, light the tables, the chandeliers and more.

An idea that doesn’t cost anything but a bit of time is creating an impressive fold with the napkin. This adds a visual dimension to the room. There are several ways to fold a napkin that include the rose fold, bird of paradise fold, crown fold, opera fan fold and more.

Another inexpensive idea is printing table cards and menu cards at home. Add in a design element, a symbol you like, or an image that reflects the city you’re in or the theme of your wedding. Or you can use colored ink and colored paper to dress it up. Layering one style of paper inside another is a great way to bring in color themes. By placing the table number in a stand, the table takes on visual depth.

Almost every wedding reception incorporates flowers in one manner or another. Flowers can be very expensive depending on the type of flower and the quantity. Instead of going with the more is better philosophy, think simplicity. By using fewer flowers, but having a ‘tall’ bouquet, the table seems just as full as with a shorter display with more flowers.

Brightening up the banquet hall with color is a fun way to tie in color schemes. Colored linens cost more than the traditional white. So instead of spending a lot extra try just having colored napkins or chair ties. Guests will appreciate the subtle addition of color that breaks up the design of the table.

Banquet halls often have some sort of design element in the way they were constructed or the way they were decorated. However, using the above tips will help create a banquet hall that has color, texture, layers and depth. You can create an ‘ahhhh’ moment without an enormous cost.

A Way Out Official Reveal Trailer

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Officially unveiled at EA Play 2017, A Way Out is a couch or online co-op only game where you play the role of one of two prisoners in a daring escape over and beyond the prison walls.

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What begins as a thrilling escape quickly turns into an emotional adventure unlike anything seen & played before. A Way Out is a two-player experience. Each player controls one of the main characters, working together to escape the prison and continue beyond into each character’s lives.

It is a game that explores the notion of trust, companionship and facing up to consequences.

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A Way Out will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Origin.

Coming early 2018