Defend Yourself – Are You Training To Break Your Hand In A Real World Self Defense Situation?

If you’re training to defend yourself in a real-world, self defense street attack, I have a question for you. Are you training to punch your assailant in the face as a part of your martial arts training?

Sounds like a stupid question, doesn’t it.? Perhaps I should have asked the question differently. Perhaps I should have asked this question instead…

“Are your training to get your hand broken as a part of your self defense action?”

If these questions confuse you, don’t worry about it. Even advanced practitioners and martial arts black belts have never thought about the critical fact that I’m going to share with you.

The point here is that there is a virtual secret about striking that most students never learn. And, the reason they don’t learn it is because the people they look to for their training…

Don’t know it, and therefor can’t teach it!

This secret that I’m talking about isn’t about punching. Well, not in the same way that most students of self-defense think about it anyway. And that’s because most people only think about the “act” of punching – the movement of the arm and the fist hitting the target – not about the target of the punch itself.

To get a better grip on what I’m talking about, we need to look beyond the surface of your assailant’s face – to the bone structure beneath…

… to the skull.

Have you ever seen a skull? Even just a picture will do.

Of course you have.

Do you remember all of those chisel-like ridges on the frontal section – on the face?

If not… look again. Don’t just look at the jawbone either – look at the ridges that help to form the cheekbones, orbits of the eye, and other sections of the face.

The point here is that it is virtually impossible to punch someone in the face with an unprotected (un-gloved) clenched fist…

…without making contact with at least one of these ridges or “processes.”

And, if you do that, you stand a REALLY good chance of breaking your hand!

Not a smart move, do you think?

The point of effective, real-world self-defense is to do what you have to do…

With the LEAST amount of wear-and-tear on yourself as possible!

Instead of punching someone in the face with a standard clenched-fist like everyone else is training to do, why not use a fist that is better suited to the job. What I mean is that you could practice doing face strikes with a palm-heel, thumb-drive, or knife-hand strike instead.

All of these fists have a narrow profile, and are more likely to fit around the facial ridges. This means that you’ll still get the damage you want (actually you’ll get more), without the risk of breaking your hand in the process.

Remember, your training should not be tearing your body apart, nor putting you at greater risk in a self-defense situation. You’re already going to be the underdog and have the odds against you. And, the last thing you need to do to yourself is to execute techniques that will make you an accomplice to your own butt-kicking! SABUNG AYAM
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