Delayed Introduction Of New Standards To Increase Drinking Industry Variables – Water Dispenser,

Reporter learned from the parties, originally promulgated in October this year
Drinking New industry standard will be delayed. This news has been full of variables in the original Chinese drinking more clouds, fog covers the industry.

-Name account for half of the
China water dispenser industry since the early 90s of last century, after starting in less than a decade’s time, the rapid expansion of the formation of the two production centers to the center of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong and Zhejiang as the center of the Yangtze River Delta area. It is understood that, in recent years, drinking the industry rate of 15% per year steady growth, up to the time the country at least 3,000 officially registered dispenser manufacturers.

Excessive drinking caused the development of industry “confused” the status quo, which is plagued fountain industry, the first problem. Guangdong Midea, Shenzhen Angel, Ningbo and Hangzhou Qinyuan Secretary Matt, as China’s top four fountains industry, market share is not optimistic, into “praised in” the cycle. Even if the boss is leading the United States, and not to a quarter of its market share. In contrast, a number of miscellaneous small brands and brand water dispenser market has accounted for most of country.

Fountain sales and other Small appliances Different, both through distributors to sell, such as into the

Home Appliances Supermarkets can also be sold in the circulation, such as the presence of water plants and water stations. Big brands such as the United States in such industries as “Sunshine” stationed in supermarkets, and “cottage industries” of the “cottage fountain” through the water plants and water stations to lower prices and a variety of marketing, promotions to attract consumers, to seize market. Industry sources, the “cottage” in the water dispenser market share absolutely no less than 60%.

Cottage industries are those that no safety equipment, no rigorous testing equipment, professional and technical personnel not just put a few million to hire several workers drinking a small workshop production. A standard water dispenser manufacturer, including production equipment, including inputs at least a thousand million, a little better than production

Refrigerator Inputs such as small household appliances. Regular price is generally 100-200 per dispenser, “cottage drinking fountains,” the price cheaper than the normal plants 30% to 50%, only 50-60 dollars. “Cottage” disrupt the orderly market competition, drinking fountains, drinking fountains hindered the healthy development of the industry.

“Secondary pollution” bad solution
“Secondary pollution” is troubled by another problem drinking industry. Currently, domestic enterprises, including the US’s account, there is no effective technology solutions, which is the main obstacle facing the fountain industry.

General drinking fountains should be formed within the negative pressure air into the bucket, to ensure the smooth water, how many there are, how much water the volume of air into the barrel. Air into the water dispenser will send bacteria into, causing harm to human health, it is the fountain of the “secondary pollution.” Currently on the market for “secondary pollution” solution mainly ozone disinfection, drinking fountains copper liner material and the use of antimicrobial use water instead of bottled water bag of three, but the advantages and disadvantages.

Experts analyzed that the ozone disinfection more restricted conditions, and can not really achieve the disinfection requirements and side effects of ozone on human health, the disinfection process is likely to produce toxic nitrite.

Copper liner dispenser through the copper ion to sterilization. But the high price of copper liner dispenser, and consumers worried about aeruginosa harmful to human health.

Bags of drinking water is also an option, conversion of drinking water in the bag, not recycled after use, do a one-time use, reduce pollution, but the bag of water price is higher than Bottled Water, Bottled its price is water 2 times.

New standards promote industry upgrading
2007 years, subject to raw material prices, rising labor costs and export trade, China’s fountain industry has suffered a serious blow. SABUNG AYAM