Department Of Edison Invented The Suspect Continued To Save The Mother: The Problem Not Only In

September 23, Evening News, “Edison in the end have saved my mother?? Three language teachers of primary school language teaching materials freely questioned the fabricated” article hit the papers, many newspaper readers scored the hotline 96068, parents, primary and secondary teachers and concerned Education Scholars, we express their views, a heated discussion.

Primary Maths teacher to teach Tangcai Bin Star in a telephone call to this reporter, he believes that time is progressing, our materials are improved, but we really should acknowledge that materials editor: As the deep-rooted tradition of impact, we It is easy to underestimate the cognitive ability of children now so that our own thinking “rigidity” of the.

Language material must be “real, genuine” Most parents are
said: can not accept the primary school textbooks as “false” and so this fact.

“Read your story, my first feeling was deceived, and cheated a number of years.” Who lives in Hangzhou, Zhang, Jing Fang cell phone to tell reporters, “like” Zhu De and the Orchid “This text, I was a child, I have learned, now I know it and facts differ. “

Zhang believes that the children, the Chinese text to be enough “truth”, not only real and sincere, because children at this age is an important period in shaping character.

Read third-grade daughter, Fang Gang (a pseudonym) talk about the matter, it is frowned: “Children are particularly superstitious textbook case of text in the unscientific, non-rigorous content, I do not know how to teach. Some common mistake I wish I could see out of her talk, the problem is many errors are difficult to distinguish those of us adults. “Fang said, nowadays many journals Illustrated full of mistakes, she had with her daughter reading a pictorial turn, a clear picture is cedar, the surprise, the words “pine,” she later hesitant to provide the children magazine.

“Now a lot of things online is also specious, if not even stricter texts in textbooks, are not reliable, then we really would have nothing to children read.” She said.

Have one parent said: “Today’s children have some ability to distinguish, if we find too many textbooks, breach of common sense, they will create conflict on the textbooks, even the teacher’s” enlightenment “under “by consent”, I am afraid only verbal. “

Material is really just “tools” you
However, that for the authenticity of the text, “preoccupied with” a lot of language teacher also took exception to. Hangzhou has a language teacher for 18 years seniority Wang told reporters: “I taught a lot of sets of textbooks, some of the text actually invented the situation there.”

She said: “But the medium of teaching materials, teaching service for primary and secondary purpose of teaching the language is spoken and written language, spoken and written language to make students understand the United States, I think attention should be paid a tool for teaching and humanity, Language is not a history class lesson, do not have to be investigated the authenticity of each lesson. If the language teaching materials to authenticity as the standard textbook tale of most students welcome whether to delete it on all? “

“Literature from life than life, there are also many historical novels fictional plot, but this does not affect its work to become immortal.” Hangzhou, a small academic laboratory Tsai said, “I think the language the needs of their literary texts, not entangled in the historical details, some of the fiction can be understood, the key to look at the teacher how to interpret the text, and how teaching students. “

There are many language teacher, said the phone, compared with the fiction and other issues, they can not stand the typos, transcription errors Mishap. “Because these issues impact children learn the language more. SABUNG AYAM