Deshe Bideshe – modern day era newspaper with cultural value

In the modern day planet, newspaper is portion and parcel of human civilization. As we are Bangladeshi, so the post represents about Bangla newspaper. They’re discovered hardly a single man who will not know about newspapers. Specially the educated society cannot go even a single day without having it, as in our nation, with out newspapers we can’t feel about the scenario. It refers the news from house and abroad such as sports, novel, books, and published in a paper by the editor Mr Nazrul Mintu. Feel, each and every morning we expect a newspaper having a cup of tea. Deshe Bideshe has created the circulation of news very smooth. Just a single click of a mouse or mobile button the news can be study. Nazrul Mintu, the editor has worked with heart and soul to bring vast improvements in the newspaper. It was launched in 1991 and steadily kept on rising its base. In the year 2008 the on the web version was launched which produced it 1 of the well-known online Bangladesh news papers.

News from about the globe
It is the global option of the people who have their mother tongue as Bengali. Not only the newspaper caters to the local news but also speaks about the international events. UK Bangla news, American Bangla news all can be noticed in the section. Folks sitting in any corner of the planet can effortlessly grab the news in their mother tongue therefore this has attracted the Bengali individuals and became a key support for them. Therefore the Bengali neighborhood is relieved as they never have to search the google or to switch on the tv. The web page of Deshe Bideshe is created in such a manner that it becomes simple for the reader to search for a particular section. The news is divided into sections such as sports, entertainment, politics, finance and so forth. The news and matter are covered comprehensively which offer a deep rooted evaluation of the subject matter. It makes it possible for projecting the news differently and briefly enabling people to grasp the matter simply The group has worked on the look of the page which has made the web page special and this makes it to stand apart from the rest.

Meeting the wants of the people
With the due passage of time Deshe Bideshe has grow to be really well-liked. It meets the wants and specifications of the readers. On-line version is no doubt a big benefit but it has also supplied top quality researched news which is the principal source of attraction. Men and women staying far off can now have relief since the on the web version is extremely user friendly and the Bengali readers can get a feel of their home and culture by means of it. The on the web version supplies the flexibility of going by means of the news at any point of time and not necessarily throughout the morning time. Therefore, general Deshe Bideshe is composed in such a manner which supplies genuine news to its readers with huge flexibility. It has grow to be a link between Bangladesh people and their culture.

Deshebideshe is a Bengali news portal for Bangladesh news and all worldwide Bangla news. Worldwide voice of the Bengali community.