Designing And Building A Functional Chicken Coop -Top Things To Consider

A lot of aspects are to be considered before you so the actual construction of chicken houses; and these factors are very essential to the whole process, making sure that the needs are satisfyingly met.

That is why, as mentioned, a lot of things must be carefully planned prior to the actual building of poultry houses. And if you do this thoroughly, everything will go as intended right from the beginning.

The necessary aspects that must be deliberated on prior to coop construction are:

Actual Space and Size

The size of the coop must be of direct proportion to the intended number of hens that will be occupying each unit. Your birds do need enough space to freely move. Don’t forget to install roosts for resting at night, as well as nests for laying eggs.

Nutrition Within Reach

Another factor that you must be consistent of is the maintenance of your flock’s health. Therefore, the water and feeders must be within the birds’ reach in order to enjoy the good benefits of nutritious food and liquid. If this is not observed, then you might have a problem with malnourished birds.

Secured Flock of Chickens

Once you enter the process of raising poultry, you can never get away with the issue on safety. In order to avoid unwanted attacks from all sorts of animal predators, surround your backyard with well-built wire fences, strong and firm enough to keep away aggressors all the time.

Fresh Air

Being able to breathe is one of the gifts nature can offer us. But if this is not attained, a healthy and long life is impossible to achieve. To supply your poultry with the needed amount of air and proper ventilation, place windows on each coop that you intend to build. That way, your flock can enjoy breathing fresh air.

Healthy Sunlight

The windows placed are also meant to expose your flock with the necessary amount of light from the sun. But, build it on the southern side, facing the direct healthy rays of the sun. See to it that there are no buildings or trees that cover the sunlight’s path.

Building simple rather than complicated coops will make your task easier, and will definitely serve its purpose of providing the needed amount of nurturing care.
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