Details About eBook Reader Comparison

For those bookworms, it has been a long–time dream to read more conveniently, easily, and with so much fun. That is why when Amazon comes up with Kindle, the first Electronic Book Reader, everyone seems relieved. Since then, reading has never been the same again, plus it constantly improves. Still another version of this device is now available. It’s referred to as the Kindle 2.

The second version is known as the improvised version of the original Kindle. By that, it means that it still carries the features of the old one, but adds more to make it perfect. Hence, reading is now cool and can be cool to those who are not yet into this kind of activity. This time, you don’t have to shop for books, newspapers, magazines, and others anymore since this product can carry even thousands of them.

Compared with the first design, the newer type is much sleeker, sturdier, thinner, lighter, and good-looking. Other developments are shown on the arrangement and designs of its controls, buttons, and keyboard. Scrolling, highlighting, and selecting items are also enhanced with its use of a 5-way joystick. Moreover, this product also offers the latest E-Ink display, plus Epson’s faster video controller.

Connecting to the Internet is made easy with this device’s built-in wireless capability. Through its 3G wireless connectivity, downloading all your favourite books can now be done anytime, anywhere you want. The good thing is it doesn’t require any monthly charges, or service plans whatsoever. Now, everything you wanted to read will be yours in no time without the need to search for a wireless network anymore.

With a battery life of 25% much longer now, this product can be used for several days without charging in between. Apart from that, it’s also packed with 20% faster page turns. Carrying this device towards anywhere is just like carrying the entire library with you. Yes, that’s because it’s capable of housing tons of books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and others. Even the disabled ones, like those who are blind and visually-impaired, can take advantage of its text-to-speech feature.

The supported formats of this Kindle Wireless Reading Device include PDF, HTML, RTF, plain text, and Microsoft Word documents. In addition, it’s preloaded with Freescale 532-MHz ARM-11 chip processor with 128 MB of RAM. Plus it allows you to freely get some samples of books, and other reading materials prior to making an actual purchase. Therefore, it makes you save a lot of your earned money, time, and effort.