Development And Reform Commission Said The New Development Plan Will Be Introduced During The Year

According to Voice of “News Coverage” 7:15 report, following the top ten industrial revitalization planning a national investment strategy?? “New industry development plan” when the surface has caused all sides.
The “new industrial planning” is considered to promote China’s economic growth and restructuring of major initiatives. Last night’s interview with the Voice of China Development and Reform Commission relevant person in charge, which is about to introduce, and which areas will be concerned about.
From the NDRC’s last night, the parties understand that the State Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance prepared multi-sectoral, “the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries of strategic decision” on behalf of the draft of the research is now drawing to a close , will be submitted for the first half of this year to the State Department. National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang, vice chairman had previously said the development of emerging strategic industries, above all, have a scientific decision, choosing a direction:
Zhang Xiaoqiang: the development of emerging strategic industries, it should be said is a challenging, but also full of opportunities for a systematic project, then, first of all, there is a scientific decision to choose a good direction, which is with our comparative advantages, with great market space, with great development potential, on the national economy and society, this promotion of pulling a significant role.
What will be included in the strategic areas in which new industries, and has never investor attention. Zhang Xiaoqiang said earlier that the new energy, life sciences, information technology, marine engineering and new materials, the prospects for these industries are very broad.
Zhang Xiaoqiang: one is the new energy, including energy saving, resource recycling. Second, it is about the life sciences, life sciences through the development of a significant promotion of agriculture, medicine, etc. development of the industry, the third is for those areas as electronic information, including remote sensing, ship sense of things, a new generation of broadband mobile communication, have great prospects. Another does the development of marine economy in the process, it should be said has a lot of opportunities, for new materials, in fact, very rich content of the new material, so also in this area has a very bright future.
Zhang Xiaoqiang stressed: there is a direction, it still make proper planning, policies and regulations and create a good environment, and promote the industrialization of independent innovation and technology:
Zhang Xiaoqiang: one is doing the appropriate planning, while creating good policies, laws and regulations, the environment, we must improve our capability of independent innovation, a number of major research projects have to adhere to push forward, for many cutting-edge technology to accelerate development through, so that these technologies can quickly mature into industrial applications can be technical, that is to accelerate the industrialization of high technology to build a variety of platforms such technological innovation. Including our national engineering laboratory, technology center, forming a combination of products that follow the election as the main enterprise, market-oriented technological innovation system.
Some media reports, if all goes well in August or so will continue to put new industries have been designated as a revitalization of the revitalization plan of a single plan, while the “new energy plan” may be the first to introduce. But last night’s Office learned from the Development and Reform Commission concerned the news is published in August is unlikely planning, but first introduced, and indeed likely that the “new energy plan.” SABUNG AYAM