Diamond Necklace Sparkling Pendant ? Celebrity Style Jewelry

Celebrities and stars across the globe are under a constant scanner. Every little detail about them makes news headlines and we simply love any new tidbit that is doled out to us. But apart from their personal lives, their love interests and their habits that we so love to be updated about, another thing we follow closely and this is applicable especially to women is what the celebrities wear. Right from their clothes, accessories, hair dos and footwear to the jewelry they sport, women simply love to keep a close tab on everything about celebrity fashion and wardrobe.

So if you are one such person who is a celebrity news buff and simply can’t help but want more and more of news on them especially those that deal with their outfits and jewelry here is an interesting read. There is no doubt about the fact that most women are in love with jewelry and if it is the dazzle of diamonds we are talking about she is sure to stop everything she’s doing to take notice of her favorite jewelry. Now if I say that I’m going to talk of some really interesting diamond jewelry that your favorite celebrities have been seen sporting at important events, I am sure you will want to know all about them. So without any more beating about the bush here we go.

Let me start by telling you the latest in jewelry that too diamond jewelry is the magnificent diamond necklace adorned with a similarly stunning diamond pendant. The very mention makes your mouth fall open just imagining how splendid and truly magnificent something like this would look isn’t it? Well you can check it out for yourself, for celebrities these days seem to be in love with this kind of gorgeous diamond jewelry. Celebrity and style icon Rihanna was recently spotted wearing a truly mind blowing layered diamond necklace with an equally awesome diamond cross pendant at the 2010 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. The singer looked great as always but it was definitely her diamond necklace and pendant that stole the show.

Even at the recent Paris Fashion week a lot of celebrities were spotted donning necklaces and pendants. Naomi Campbell wore a cross necklace studded with green stones. She made sure that a green pendant accompanied the charming necklace. Needless to say the effect she had was simply stunning. Dita Von Tesse was yet another celebrity who sported a breathtaking statement necklace at the Lanvin show. Diamond Earrings at Angara.com