‘Diandra is a strong contender for Bigg Boss Season 8,’ says the lately eliminated Minissha

Whilst relations in the Bigg Boss eight home struggle to find their routes of peace right after the nerve wracking open nominations, the contestants have a lot of issues on their thoughts rather than feel about who they need to have to target next. Final week in the course of the captain’s nominations Diandra Soares was openly supporting Upen and the audience heard her saying that she will not assistance Gautam Gulati for the captaincy.

Initially, the Bigg Boss home witnessed a peculiar body language and chemistry among Diandra and Gautam. Diandra was even seen providing a suitable body massage to the sleep deprived Gautam in the limited privacy of the aircraft when no one particular was about. With Gautam’s expressions a single imagined he enjoyed every bit of it given that he was encouraging the model to go further with her massage.
We even wondered there was one thing brewing in between the two. The twists and turns occurred producing the two apart started when the luxury price range process couple of weeks ago introduced which has aptly been named ‘BB Mithaiwala’. As a portion of this process, the contestants were divided into two teams – Diandra Sweets (Red Team) and Gautam Mithaiwala (Blue Group) who was competing against every other in a battle to showcase their cooking prowess and fulfilling the orders that have been placed by Bigg Boss. From their own, issues between the two in no way enhanced as Diandra supporting Upen for the captaincy.

If the not too long ago got eliminated Minissha’s words to be believed, Diandra is one particular of the strongest contenders for Bigg Boss Season 8. While speaking to the media Minissha heard saying, “I feel Pritam is carrying out very well. That’s since he is someone who is not only really liked by the audiences but also by the individuals in the property. Having stated that, Diandra and Upen are the two individuals to be watched out, who will also turn out to be genuinely powerful contenders this season.”

No doubt that Diandra is maintaining her cool now-a-days and performing properly at the Bigg Boss residence not too long ago!