Did You Know That There Are Chemicals in Tap Water?

I had no idea that this was true because I thought that when I drink tap water it is free of these kinds of things. I was surprised and bet that you will be too when you learn what I did about this.

I remember seeing it on the news or reading it on the internet awhile ago. It was a blurb about chemicals being found in drinking water. I thought that maybe I should check this out when I got some free time.

When I did get some free time, I learned that there was much more to the blurb that I saw. This had been an issue for awhile and somehow I had just missed it. There are people who work for treatment plants concerned about the quality of water they are providing to their customers.

People working for the government are on record saying the water treatment system in the U.S. is outdated and not able to handle the new kinds of things being found in water supplies. And lastly, there was the documented report showing that there were over 2300 chemicals found across the U.S. in various water supplies.

If that does not make you not want to drink tap water, I do not know what does. It led me down a path where I decided to take charge of the water that my family was drinking. Well, it made me do what I could since the government was taking its time.

Here is what I did, I went out and researched the main companies that make these kinds of systems and found a water filtration system that from what I can see is the best one on the market. They remove the things that are being found in water and do it at a very reasonable price. Some of the systems got as high as 750 dollars. That is crazy and way out of my budget.

I suggest you check out my website today and see this great system that I am using. It even comes in a shower version that my family loves to use. I know that you will be satisfied and recommend it to all your friends.

Apple News w/ JayzTwoCents & Nicky V Farewell – WAN Show June 9, 2017

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:02:38 – [WWDC17] Apple Homepod
00:16:20 – [WWDC17] New iMacs
00:29:12 – Sponsor: Savage Jerkey
00:31:41 – Sponsor: Cable Mod / LTX 2017
00:34:19 – Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:35:40 – Scrapyard Wars w/ JayzTwoCents
00:38:19 – Floatplane Club
00:39:26 – AMD’s GPU supply exhausted by cryptocurrency
00:42:26 – PCIe 4.0 specs finalized
00:44:09 – PCIe 5 announced
00:44:27 – Samsung announced 32:9 curved monitor
00:46:28 – Coffee-Lake delayed
00:54:00 – Goodbye Q&A with Nick Van Berkel