Difference between i.e. and e.g

i.e. vs e.g.
There is a large distinction in between i.e. and e.g. i.e. and e.g. are two extremely useful abbreviations in English, though they both have their roots in Latin language. Each i.e. and e.g. come really handy as extended as they are no mixed up, confused with one particular yet another. Other than getting abbreviations of Latin phrases, they share no widespread ground. The abbreviation i.e.–quick for the Latin id est–which implies that is, namely, or in other words. It is widely various from e.g.–quick for the Latin phrase exempli gratia–implies for example.

Both i.e. and e.g. are used in writing in English language, they are never ever employed in spoken English. Have you ever heard anyone saying i.e. or e.g. out loud. They are meant to be utilised in writing. If you are talking, you just say ‘for example’ or ‘ that is’ but if you are writing you can use the abbreviation e.g. or i.e. Always keep in mind that they are constantly written in decrease case, with no italics.
Some frequent mistakes-i.e. vs e.g.
Incorrect: I want to drink one thing cold, i.e., cold coffee, lemonade.

Appropriate: I want to drink anything cold, e.g., cold coffee, lemonade.

Incorrect: I like only outdoor sports, i.e., football, cricket, lawn tennis .

Appropriate: I like only outside sports, e.g., football, cricket, lawn tennis .

Incorrect: Frog is an amphibian creature, e.g. ,it can reside each in water and land.

Correct: Frog is an amphibian creature, i.e., it can reside both in water and land.

Incorrect: John loves listening to all kinds of music on the radio, e.g., classical, country western and reggae.

Correct: John loves listening to all types of music on the radio, e.g., classical, nation western and reggae.

How to keep in mind the distinction among i.e. and e.g.

One of the easiest ways to memorize the distinction amongst these two is by employing a easy mnemonic device: consider of the i at the starting of i.e. as standing for the very first word in the phrase “in other words,” indicating that the clause that follows will rephrase or explain what precedes the term. It is little more easier to memorize e.g. Memorize e as in “example.”

Factors to make a note of

1: Do not italicize the abbreviations. They are regarded regular English even although they are Latin in origin.

two: Use a period right after each letter of the abbreviation.

three: Use a comma following the abbreviation, as most official style guides demand or favor the use of a single.

4: Use a comma prior to the abbreviations unless it begins the sentence.

5: If a sentence starts with “i.e.” or “e.g.,” use a comma following the abbreviation.

6: If “i.e.” or “e.g.” are utilized in parenthesis, use a comma right after the abbreviation.

7: If “i.e.” or “e.g.” are utilized within a sentence without parenthesis, use a comma just before and after the abbreviation.

eight: Do not use “etc.” or “and so on” at the end of a list following “e.g.” due to the fact it implies the list is incomplete.
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