Differences in Outsourcing Products Online as Opposed to Going to China

If you are new to the import / export business then one of the things that you are going to face is the options that you have in ordering your products, there are two. One is that you can order online or you can personally travel to China to meet face to face with your suppliers.

There are advantages to ordering your products online and that is it will cost less if you are starting out on small volume orders as opposed to going to China for that, and through this, you will have the chance to check whether that prospective supplier will be able to meet your specifications and the time frame.

And the drawbacks of ordering online is one, you cannot be assured if you are ordering from the original manufacturer or just from a trader. Another is that you cannot validate if you’re truly dealing with a real company or not.

You can avoid this though and that’s by starting your search for legitimate companies through the Global Sources website, www.globalsources.com. This publicly traded company (NASDAQ: GSOL) has been connecting suppliers to buyers from Asia for over 37 years already , to make sure that the buyer is working with a real and legitimate company , they do personal visits to each manufacturers.

Now, if you are going for large orders, this time you need to negotiate with your supplier personally and learn their manufacturing procedures. Meeting with the people you are doing business with and building a relationship with them is important in business, and in this business, having a good relationship is very crucial.

Going China gives you the opportunity to inspect manufacturing areas and get data on of the raw material quality, competency and skills of the workers, production capabilities and the internal quality control process. You can also find out to what extent our manufacturers subcontract their production to other plants by being able to check their work areas and warehouses.

By going there would also make you experience their working environment and meet the workers making your prospective products. You can find out through this that your manufacturer is not using child labor and that the workers are using protective gears.

By meeting your manufacturers or suppliers you show them that you are really serious in this business and that you are serious with quality you can emphasize this on them during your meeting.

By going through this trip you can also see other prospective suppliers for other products that you can import aside from the one you are planning.  Here you can see for yourself, a lot of revenue that you can venture into. Plus, you can also see the products of your competitors.

The disadvantage of this is pretty obvious, you spend much more money, time and effort compared to ordering online, as what are stated above, these drawbacks can be out weighted by the things that you can by going to China Start making money now, start importing.

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