Different Avenues To Design A Drill Chicken Plucker

A few people choose to raise different animals to keep eggs. On the other hand, some would like to eat the livestock that they have raised. The hardest part of cooking them is how you need time for plucking. One of the most important reason why people buy a drill chicken plucker is to save on time.

There are many solutions as to how you can find a faster way to cook and eat your chicken. For those who want the traditional way of cooking then the thing for you would probably be the manual plucking. It follows the same conventional idea.

However, to save you more time on your roast, use a mechanical finger for whatever type of bird you are cooking. Start by scalding the whole body in about half a minute in putting it in hot water. This will allow the feathers to loosen which makes it easier for removal. You can easily rake out by using gloves or rubber fingers.

Just purchase one with the straps so it would not fall off easily. There are actually two kinds of design. The first one is the tub style device. You can make your own tool and design it yourself. Look at a picture of a typical chicken plucker and follow the style.

There are bigger and complicated designs that are used for those who slay more chickens on a daily basis. This type of tool can accommodate multiple birds at the same time. If you do not find this very useful then move on to the other type of design.

The second design is effortless and easy to handle. It is using an electric drill for its plucker to stay into place. It is actually affordable because you can make it by yourself. One thing that you have to consider when using this is how it can easily break because of how it carries the size of the bird being plucked.

Just in case you are not yet satisfied with the drills and its function, modify its use. Using a pipe, drill as much holes as you can with how the rows will appear and attach all the fingers that you will be using as a plucker.

Make a drill at the center with two caps that you have with you. Fix all caps with a shift as you insert it into the pipe. Be able to point the shaft out from the cap that is left. This will give you a better roller for the device that you use. Insert a stand that should be enough that the device can be fixed into it.

Install around two wings at each end which will contain the rollers so they can ride easily. At each end of the shaft, fix a pulley which you can put into the volt motor. Secure this that it will be connected together once it stands. If you start switching the power, the motor from the drill will allow the roller to gather and pluck. A handmade drill chicken plucker will surely give you the benefits that you want as to how you designed it to be.
Sabung Ayam
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