Different Types Of Leather Bracelets For Women

Bracelets are delicate and stylish jewelry pieces that go with all occasions. They’re also known as wristbands or armlets and are worn around wrist. Being small and light-weight, bracelets are popular items among females. This ornament is manufactured using cloth, wool, metal, wood, shells, rocks and gem stones. Leather is the most popular choice for designing feminine wrap bands and armlets. In this article, we shall learn about different types of leather bracelets for women.

1) Bangle style bracelets: The practice of wearing bangles is in fashion since past couple of centuries. Initially these bangles were produced using glass, metal and synthetic items however with time, a bangle-bracelet fusion was launched in the market. Leather was used for manufacturing these bangles and as a result, custom leather bracelet was formed.

They’re simple, classic, sleek and stylish. The best thing is they preserve the delicacy of feminine ornaments. You can enjoy the pleasure of being a tom boy as well as a fashionable chick if you wear these during summer seasons. They especially complement bikinis and casual outfits.

2) Precious charms: Charm bracelets that are designed with rare leather, metals and gem stones are trendy and expensive. They’re perfect for semi-formal occasions and black-tie events. They have a basic leather body with metallic borders and couple of gemstones adoring the center part. Frequently, they carry charms like pendants, Swarovski crystals, birth stones and trinkets. Silver leather bracelets are popular items of this category.

3) Beaded wristbands: Beaded wrap bracelet is adorned with multicolored beads casted with glass trinkets, pearls, precious metals, ceramic and leather. They come in unique shapes and colors which make them perfect for outdoor occasions and camping trips. They come with clasps and hooks to keep the beads together. The expensive versions are worn on birthdays, social gatherings and special occasions.

4) Leather wrapped bracelet: The concept of wrapped armlets was derived from the gold wristband of Cleopatra. Since average people cannot afford carrying a 24 carat gold band, they started using leather as an inexpensive substitute. Recently, leather cuffs and wrapped bands have turned the teenagers crazy.

These armbands come with single, double or multi clasps and are securely tied around your wrist. There are plenty of shades to choose from: black, dark brown, classic brown, tan, russet, brunette, auburn and blood red. By installing buckles, studs and gems, you can make them all the more stylish. Racers and disco lovers prefer retro-style armlets that come with spikes and metal blocks.

These were the popular types of leather bracelets. All of them are easily available at online stores and gift shops. So go grab them!
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam