Digital Media Is Here To Stay

Media has been an important part of communication for many years. With the Growth of Digital Media, society has been able to faster advance its knowledge of a variety of ideas. With more options being made available, media has become a more enjoyable and interesting phenomenon world wide.

Digital media is typically classified as being photo, audio, text and video. As the internet expanded through the years, so did the ways that this media could be accessed. Today a vast selection of electronic devices can be used to access and view media. Cell phones, Iphones, laptops and computers are all simple ways to view such things as online news, sports, and various media.

In today’s modern society, sitting down and watching the evening news is no longer such a necessity. Due to the continued stream of online news broadcasts, a person can catch the news at anytime of day from any location. One benefit of watching the news online, is that you can tune into any news station for most locations in the world. These news broadcasts, though not live, give all the same information as if you were watching them via television, but offer the option of convenience. With technological advances, we are able to stop, start, pause, and download almost everything on the internet.

Movies and music has also become a futuristic venture with the advance of the digital era. Many purchased DVDs now come with a separate disk labeled digital copy. This enables the purchaser to upload that DVD to a computer or handheld device. This differs from regular DVD’s because it has special codes and enables the viewer to import them to different viewing programs. Such programs also are capable of video sharing. Video sharing provides the ability to send video files over the internet to other computers and handheld devices. With programs like You-tube and hulu, we are able to watch short clips of anything we can think of including what most programs on tv.

Along with media, music is also a popular topic in the digital world. Music in relation to computers is not a new idea, but some of the ways to acquire music is. With so many different music downloading and listening programs it is almost impossible not to find one that suits your personal needs. Just as 8tracks and cassettes were eventually phased out to make room for the newer CD, CD’s are slowly being replaced with the advancements of music via digital media.

Writers have used the advancement of technology in strides. With the ease of access to virtually any topic in the world, a topic can often be discussed in quite detail. Online information can be gathered through various search engines such as Google, yahoo, wikipedia, and Bing. Information is then available for download, and copying. There is no limit to the information that can be gathered online. Whether you are searching for a doctor, how to, or just have a question, the web is an excellent source for the who, what, why and where.

As a whole, the world watches the seemingly fast Growth of Digital Media. We are in constant awe with the increasingly new technology. Each year it has become expected to see a new creation or form of digital interest. With superb access to virtually anything, we often wonder what else could be thought of. Left to the brilliant human mind, it is proven that anything is indeed possible. SABUNG AYAM