Dining In Cardiff

Cardiff is the largest city and capital of Wales. It is a popular vacation spot that is known for its varied culture. Apart from visiting its famous tourist attractions, another way by which you can bask in its culture is by trying out its local menu that will surely be a feast for your senses. The best way to relax and enjoy in Cardiff is to eat in a special place and have a sip of wine or beer. The Welsh, especially the residents of Cardiff, are known for their fine taste in food. Welsh chefs prepare meals with spices and other secret ingredients that make them very sumptious.

If you are in the mood for great food and drinks, then go the Brewery Quarter located in the city center of Cardiff. Here you will find many restaurants that offer both local and international cuisine. However, there are also other restaurants in the other parts of Cardiff that may suit your tastes.

A good example of a restaurant is the Armless Dragon that is located along Wyeverne Road in Cathays. It specializes in Welsh dishes and has a relaxing ambiance. If you are craving for Eastern food, then you may try Bar Oriental. This bar that’s situated in Mermaid Quay is known for its special cocktails. If you want a taste of international cuisine, then you should go to the Bali Restaurant along Caroline Street that offers Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indonesian specialties.

Some restaurants also offer entertainment. The Norwegian Church, which serves Scandinavian dishes, has an art gallery that diners can visit. Another restaurant is The Bayside Brasserie that stages a cooking show through its open kitchen. It also showcases a scenic view of the Cardiff Bay. All of their dishes consist of either seafood or meat, so it not suited for vegans and vegetarians. If you are one, you may opt for the Crumbs Salad Restaurant, whose menu is comprised of different types of salads served in large wooden bowls. Another vegan and vegetarian-friendly place is the Greenhouse Café, which uses organic ingredients for its dishes.

If you want a more posh restaurant, then you should visit the Elements Champagne Bar and Restaurant in Harbor Driver. Make sure to book in advance since this place is always full. But if you want simpler and budget-friendly meals such as fish and chips, then visit Harry Ramsdens situated at the heart of Cardiff Bay.

You can choose from different bars in Cardiff if you would like to go out and have a drink instead. The most number of bars and clubs are situated along the Mermaid Quay, St. Mary Street, and Mill Lane. If you want a taste of Cardiff’s most popular beer, go the Cardiff Bay so that you may have a drink of Brains Beer. Some bars that carry popular local beverage are Buff’s Wine Bar, Floyd’s Bar, Lava’s Lounge, The Wharf, and Zync Bar.

Cardiff is a city that boasts not only of great sights, but also of a delectable cuisine. When you visit the city, make sure you go on a food adventure and explore the different bars and restaurants.
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