DirecTV South Asian Packages: Bring South Asia in Your Living Room

Nowadays television is the best option available for home entertainment and if it is DirecTV the joy will be amplified. Be it sports, music, movie fare to news, business and economic features DirecTV offers you everything. Unlike other Satellite TV providers, local channels operators or cable television that hardly brought innovation in programming techniques, DirecTV providers have already taken a step ahead. Especially in bringing programs in international languages this leading provider of Satellite TV has upped its shoulder to a great extent.  Widening the spectrum of programs DirecTV packages include few of the exclusive packages for multitudes of foreigners who have thronged the places of United States.


Psychologists opine that the people cherish to watch things that give them the splice of their motherland tradition and culture. This is a universal phenomenon and it is applicable in case of DirecTV viewing as well. Without beating the bush here and there, it can be said that this satellite TV provider has come up with a brigade of special programming packages for all the foreign denizens of United States. And these foreign viewers snatch the exclusive DirecTV deals just like a tiger takes to its prey. Especially people of South Asian origin find DirecTV and its exclusive South Asian DirecTV packages to be the best of the best. Far away from native land the DirecTV’s South Asian subscribers can rightly feel at home.


So at the end of the day, when you catch glimpse of mountains, significant locales and lend ears to soothing music and behold interesting films, we will get heavenly bliss on earth. Just like Robert Browning’s The Last Ride Together who wants to make the most of his last ride with his lover, the DirecTV Satellite TV viewers want to reap maximum amusement from all the South Asian programs. In other words DirecTV channels for South Asian people of United States are stuffed with programs on all possible topics that include sports, music, movies, social welfare programs and many more. Can you want anything more?


So far as South Asian Programming packages are concerned, DirecTV offers five South Asian packages including three ala carta channels. Let us throw some light on the packages one at a time.


First in the list is HindiDirect that offers nine channels in various programs including music, kids programs, movies and what more. You can avail this exclusive package at $ 29.99/month. So no matter how far you are away from your country you are assured to get a diverse variety of cultural programs. Take pleasure of entertaining stuff that include both the latest Hindi blockbusters to religious programs, music, current events and many more. Special channels like  Star Plus , Channel 2005; Aastha, Channel 2005; Star News, Channel 2002;Star One, Channel 2003; Willow Cricket, Channel 2024; MTV India, Channel 2006; NDTV 24/7, Channel 2007; NDTV Good Times, Channel 2009; NDTV Profit, Channel 2010.



Under HindiDirectII,, another exclusive bundle, you can enjoy all the channels of HindiDirect, plus three special channels namely UTV Movies, STAR India GOLD and Filmy channel. Price tag is 39.99/mo



TeleguDirect is a significant package that offers two exclusive 24X7 channels that broadcast in Telugu. Avail this package at $ 14.99/ month.


Available at 14.99/month, TamilDirect you can view all the popular channels in Tamil language. The channels include Aastha, Channel 2005; Aastha, Channel 2005.


As the name suggest DirecTV’s BanglaDirect package offers all the exclusive Bengali channels from West Bengal. You can pick up this package at $ 14.99/



In addition you can three al la carta channels and these are namely NDTV, Aastha, Filmy.