Discover Indonesia

Discover Indonesia

Indonesia is formed from around 17,000 islands which lie between Asia and Australia. Each island has its own culture, natural habitat, history and people, all of which make Indonesia a culturally rich and ethnically diverse place to visit. If you are travelling around the islands, you will come across hundreds of different languages, various traditional and religious ceremonies and a unique combination of modern and ancient buildings, lifestyles and attractions.

The people of Indonesia are generally very welcoming to tourists, as visitors provide a good source of income. Whether you are staying or eating in the top establishments, or sticking to a tight budget, you are likely to receive a friendly greeting. The majority of tourists come from Australia and other parts of Asia, but thousands of British travellers visit the archipelago every year too.
Boris Johnson has recently visited Indonesia to look at opportunities for trade partnerships. He reported that in a recent survey of Indonesian people, 69% were very positive about British people and he commented on the popularity of shops that sold British clothes and products on the islands. As a tourist, it is good to know that you will be well received.


Java is the most populated of the Indonesian Islands and in fact one of the most populated islands in the world. With so many inhabitants, it’s no surprise that its Indonesia’s political and economic centre. As with all of the Indonesian Islands, Java is formed from volcanic activity including the notorious Krakatau which lies just off the west coast. Active volcanos still exist alongside the rice fields and the hustle and bustle of Jakarta and the other ultra-modern cities. Java certainly offers diversity; one day you could be climbing a mountain and the next shopping in high class boutiques!


Sumatra is a neighbour to Java, but feels like a million miles away from the noise and chaos of the main island. Much of Sumatra remains a remote and undisturbed wilderness, which can be great for those seeking a less well trodden path. You can still enter the jungle to see orang-utans and other wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s not so ideal if you are looking for a luxurious resort, but if you enjoy natural wonders, the Sumatra has a lot to offer.


On the other side of Java is Bali, a name that instantly brings to mind the ultimate tropical paradise. Bali is probably the ideal combination of Java and Sumatra, as it provides a good balance between modern and ancient. You can explore the island’s rich heritage, culture and traditions, get off the beaten track in the National Park and mountains or stick to the high class hotels, restaurants and shopping.

The north of Bali used to attract the most tourists, as it was the location of the islands main ferry port, however since the airport was opened, more tourists head straight for the white sandy beaches to the south. The southerly and westerly beaches are popular with surfers so more and more facilities are being added each year in order to cater for these tourists. These areas have the liveliest nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from.

On the East coast, the sea is gentle and so the resorts are more relaxed. These tend to appeal to couples and families who are looking for a more peaceful retreat. Across the island you can enjoy great hospitality, delicious fresh foods and the natural beauty of Bali. There are top hotels, and backpacker hostels, but most visitors choose to stay in villas. Bali villas usually include a pool, so you can enjoy a morning swim before breakfast, or cool off after a day of exploration.

If you are looking for the ideal gift to take home as a memory of your stay, you will find shops and market stores selling hand crafted items. Bali is known for Songket, a cloth woven from gold and silver threads, which is made into clothes and accessories. You can also find beautiful jewellery made from gold and silver, as well as impressive wood carvings. The Bali people also make lots of ceremonial gifts which are given to the temple Gods as part of their Hindu celebrations.

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