Discover The Easy Way To Make a Guy to Be Attracted to You

Have you ever met a guy who you want to put impression on so badly? Do you have difficulties in getting male friends but anything more causes to disappointment? Do you think making a guy express passion on you in the way you desire? If you fall in one of these above situations, I will give you some good news for you. Keep reading my top tactics in getting a guy to see you the way you want him too.


If there was a magic potion that could instantly make a man fall in love with any girl I am sure the world would be a much easier and better place, unfortunately it’s but a distant dream. On a positive note there are some steps you can follow to get exactly the same outcome as your desires and net the guy of your dreams!


Be open to suggestion!

Men love to have things they possible can’t have. Sure they will take sex on a plate, but that’s not what you want, a relationships based on sex. To get a guy to adore you completely you have to show him that you have options and that you are open to suggestion. By spending time with other guys, having a good time and showing him you are an independent woman he will lust after you so badly, wanting something that seems so close yet so far. If you are not open to suggestion he will see you as a loner, a person that isn’t exciting to be around with and worst of all he may see you as somewhat desperate! Not a good look.


Positive mental attitude

No one likes a negative person. If you are in the habit of moaning about things 24/7 then I can assure you that no guy will be interested. Guys want to have a great time; they don’t want to be seen as the guy with the depressed negative girl.


No matter what your frustrations or problems are you will need to put them to one side for the time being. When he sees that you are an extremely positive person, who enjoys herself then he will want to be part of your life even more. Trust me.


Take it for what it is….

Ok, so let’s say you get the guys attention, he seems interested in you and everything seems great, right? That is until you start babbling about the future, kids, marriage etc. If you want to scare a guy off then please mention all the prior topics. You will be doing the female race a great favour by freeing up some great guys! Live for the moment, and for what it is, don’t bog him down with topics such as marriage and kids, if you do he will likely make a run for it. Keep it in your head, and let the relationship develop.