Discover the finest Flora and Fauna of the world

Indonesia is one country that is favoured in all ways including the climate, which is warm all the time. This makes its vegetation to be quite exciting, and finding astonishing herbs as well as plants is effortless. One of the greatest representations of the vegetation richness is the renowned Bogor Botanical Gardens. In Java Indonesia, you will find that the flora has a lot to offer and many distinctive tropical plants of different sizes and shapes are found there. Due to the different types of plant species, the local Indonesia people have learnt to use them in their day to day living. You will find that the native people have at their disposal over 6000 plant species that they use directly or indirectly. Although we are in living in the digital age, you will also find that indigenous inhabitants of the Indonesian villages are making use of the numerous plants to make traditional herbal drugs. The plants are also used as usual part of diverse types of traditional ceremonies and activities that they carry out each and every day.

If you have never come across interesting plants before, then you can expect to see them in Bandung Indonesia. These plants are bound to occupy your attention in the same was as animals do. These plants are known as Nepenthes, and are found on the western part of Indonesia. Nepenthes are quite famous due to the fact that they trap insects. A giant plant known as Amorphophallus Titanum is found in Sumatra area, and is the largest flower in its plant family. Another famous plant in the family of orchids is Rafflesia Arnoldii, which is found in specific areas of Sumatra, and is the globe’s biggest flower plant. Tiger orchids are other plants that have edible leaves, and the local people use it as ingredients for making natural medicines and crafts species. Different kinds of trees are also found in Papua New Guinea, and this is another reason that makes Indonesia proud. Trees such as those that belong to the dipterocarp family are useful trees that give wood resin, vegetable oil and even illipe nut or tengkawang.

The other very useful tree is the Gonystylus, which offers timber that is usually used for making furniture. The forests produce a lot of trees that offer useful products such as ebony, sandalwood and Palembang timber. In the Java Island, you will find the teak, which is a common product of this area, and one that makes Javanese men proud. In the coastal region of Indonesia, you will find mangroves and marshes vegetation, while the inland areas of Sulawesi, Borneo, Sumatra and Irian Jaya Islands are covered by typical tropical jungles. On the south eastern side of Java Island, you will find eucalyptus trees as well as teak. This is just a tip of the ice berg, visit Indonesia and discover more of the flora and fauna that this amazing country has to offer.
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