Discover the Perfect Vacation in Hong Kong and China

Spending yearly vacation in a fantastic country would be the dream of every vacationer. But, for an enjoyable vacation, an effective plan must be devised, which should include everything vital to make a vacation memorable. In other words, you should ask yourself a number of questions before devising an effective plan for vacation, such as which destination would you like to go for vacation, what are the activities you are planning during your vacation, whether you are interested in exploring new places or culture of a place, or would you like to enjoy adventure trips, and so on. However, it would be quite confusing for a common man to plan a vacation. Here comes the importance of tour agents. No matter what your tastes are, they will take all steps to make your vacation an enjoyable as well as a wonderful experience.

With umpteen destinations to choose from, one of the best destinations preferred by most of the people across the globe is Hong Kong/China destination. China is the world’s third largest country, with great cultural and ethnic diversities. As per the records of the World Tourism Organization, China is the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world, and is estimated to become the first in the next 15 years.

In addition to being home to the Great Wall – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, China has to its credit a continuum of tourist attractions, with 23 provinces, four municipalities, five autonomous region, and two administrative regions. Beijing – the capital city of China – comes with such renowned attractions as Temple of Heaven Park, the Summer Palace, and the Imperial Palace Museum within the Forbidden City, which in turn is the world’s largest palace complex. Along with cities such as Macau, Shanghai, and Lhasa – Hong Kong is also one of the much famed tourist places in China.

Now we will discuss some of the top attractions in the city of Hong Kong. The city boasts of such a great number of attractions that it takes months to explore all of them. Just few among the Hong Kong attractions are the peak tower with Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and rooftop observation area; Man Mo Temple; Wong Tai Sin Temple, an ancient shrine famed for its fortune-tellers; the Bank of China Tower, one of the tallest building in the world that is noted for its architecture; the Avenue of Stars, which is graced and illuminated with tons of twinkling lights; the Clock Tower – one of the oldest landmarks that is situated on the site of the old Kowloon Station; Hong Kong Park, featuring a 1400 sq mt conservatory, air-conditioned sports center, and Olympic Square; and Statue Square, a popular pedestrian in the central district. Equally important are such attractions of Hong Kong as Hong Kong Disneyland, Central District that is home to many government buildings, Ladies Market, Repulse Bay, and Mongkok that is much favored for its teaming activities.

Hong Kong also offers excellent opportunities to enjoy a range of activities. Taking a helicopter ride, riding the peak tram, riding the cable car, riding the century-old tram, and taking a harbor cruise are just few among them. In addition, superb facilities are made available to enjoy exciting and interesting sport activities like sedan chair race, horse racing, swimming, and wind surfing. Also, worth mentioning is the night life in Hong Kong, with its British as well as Irish themed bars, dance clubs, and modern bars offering live music shows and fun. Nightlife in Hong Kong is mainly spread throughout three areas in Kowloon: cocktail bars in Tsim Sha Tsui, pubs on the Ashley Road, and clubs on the Prat and Chatham Roads. Apart from this, Hong Kong boasts of a chain of music clubs and theaters, each of them ensuring fun and entertainment in a relaxing environment.

Above all, Hong Kong hosts a great number of festivals and events, such as Chinese New Year; Birthday of Che Kung, dedicated to Che Kung – the general of the Sung Dynasty; Spring Lantern Festival; and Hong Kong International Film Festival, which is to honor Asian film festivals as well as eminent film makers. Also, great is the gastronomy of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s hall mark is perhaps its world-class cuisine, covering regional, English, continental, and western. An array of restaurants, pubs, bars, and eateries can be seen here.

So what all to dream? Just plan your vacation with us and feel relaxed. All you have to do is to logon to our website and share your interests and likes and dislikes with us.
Sabung Ayam