Discovering a Career As a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an administrative professional also known as a secretary. He or she works remotely from his or her home office. Choosing a career as a virtual assistant can be both rewarding and lucrative depending on the energy you put into your business.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant
There are many avenues you can explore to become a virtual assistant. Most are independent contractors. One way you can start your career as a virtual assistant, is to start your business and hand out business cards to your prospective clients. Some target specific markets, like the real estate agents and brokers in their area.

Another option would be to find a virtual staffing agency and contract with them so they can place you with clients that need work done. One of the top virtual staffing agencies is Team Double-Click. Through this agency you become an independent contractor. Then, you can be placed with one of their clients looking to hire an assistant.

If you do not want to work with a virtual staffing agency and you choose to find clients of your own, you can bid on projects through forums or bidding websites. A popular bidding website is In this type of format, you are given the opportunity to bid on projects that are submitted by prospective client.

Prospective Clients
As mentioned previously, some offer services to a specific niche, you can offer your services to almost any industry. The following industries have hired virtual assistants: real estate, lawyers, small business owners, doctors, authors and professional speakers.

Services You Will Provide
It is very important to assess your skills before beginning your career. You should map out your abilities and the services you plan on providing. Some of the projects that virtual assistants work on are desktop publishing, word processing, answering client phones, scheduling, database management, research and event planning.
Once you have decided on which path you are going to take to become a virtual assistant it is important to remain on the cutting edge of technology and continue to learn any new software that is offered to remain in demand.

It is important to register with some of the virtual assistant organizations and networking sites to become part of the virtual community and to start your networking opportunities.

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