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With 18,330 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited, Indonesia tourism is the largest archipelago in the world. An Indonesia destination is home to 167 active volcanoes, far more than any other country. Hardly surprisingly in the world’s largest archipelago, beaches are also a major draw. Aside from the obvious like places to visit in Bali and Lombok, there are many other wonderful beaches in off-the-beaten-track locations for places to visit in Indonesia. This island nation has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forest anywhere in the world, and is home to several beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spots as well for things to do in Indonesia.

Visit Indonesia, a diverse and amazing travel destination that is spread across over 17,000 islands in the ocean. There are beaches, volcanoes, and jungles to explore here, and every region offers something a little different for travelers. Only about one-third of Indonesia’s islands are inhabited, however, there are around 240 people speaking over 250 different languages that can this region home.

Visit Indonesia, a country of 17000 islands and being one of the largest countries in Asia in size and population, it offers many captivating tourist attractions for travelers. Surprisingly it may not be one of the top Indonesia destinations of the world yet but it is a good thing as it kept the place with the charm of the unexplored. For historical tourist attractions to visit Indonesia, you will find ancient temples and grand mosque. For natural tourist attractions, you will find from breath-taking volcanoes to serene Crater Lake to Komodo Dragons and Orangutans to amazing underwater diving experience for places to visit in Bali and other destinations and check out. On cultural tourist attractions, there are ancient funeral rites and tribal villages.

Draped languidly across the equator, Indonesia destinations is a series of emerald jewels scattered across a broad expanse of tropical sea. This is one of the world’s great adventures in waiting – hidden away in dense jungles on secret islands are tribes almost untouched by the outside world and animals hardly known to science.

The third most populous nation on earth has an incredible legacy of peoples, cultures and geography just waiting to be explored. The archipelago boasts more than 18,000 islands, from tiny islets not much bigger than a palm tree to the mighty expanse of Borneo, shared with the Malaysian provinces of Sabah and Sarawak and the kingdom of Brunei.

Many come specifically to discover their own island paradise, complete with white-sand beaches, swaying palms and emerald waters. Offshore are some of the world’s best dive sites, swarming with huge sunfish, giant rays, sharks, porpoises, turtles and a blindingly colorful array of tropical fish, there are lot of things to do in Indonesia.

For others, the attraction is cultural. A fascinating range of civilizations have grown up on these tropical islands, from animist tribes in remote jungle villages to the elaborate Hindu kingdoms of places to visit in Bali and Java. In Indonesia tourism, timeless temples jostle for space with golden-domed mosques and beach resorts crowded with sun-seekers and surfers. The surf resort of Kuta has become one of the world’s favorite tropical escapes, and the beach party raves through till dawn every day of the week is one of the places to visit in Indonesia.

Indonesia tourism destinations are many and varied. From interesting and lively cities such as Yogyakarta to small villages where the pace of life is slower; from the pristine beaches and waters of the Komodo Islands to the volcanoes of the ring of fire; from the thick jungle to the dry landscapes; from the traditional dances to the delicious cuisine there are many things to do in Indonesia, and incredible places to visit in Indonesia.
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