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If one day you are all cooking of soybean oil produced by the genetically modified soybeans, if one day you no longer use Chinese food made of natural soy tofu, you will feel? The most recent is always made with soy, “occupied” “fall,” these words together, the news of the domestic soybean market perilous frequent appearances in the media, the Chinese soybean really ill yet? Look at the main soybean production areas of Heilongjiang investigation.

A “purchasing and storage,” the trouble
“You are all soybean farmers do?” “All people, no one traitorous storage.” “Nobody has a traitorous storage.” “There is no reservoir of treason?” “No.” “What are the reasons you did not sell? “” Sell not go. “

This is a private operating Kedong County in Heilongjiang soybean acquisition points to the screen shot, some soybean farmers to journalists complained that, while starting from October last year, eight countries with a gross minimum of five farmers of price in the hands of soybeans, but can buy beans to sell into the state designated point very few people. In desperation, some of the soybeans sold these roadside dealers. Reporter saw here today, gross purchase price is a 7 5, 1 cents lower than the state. In the end what is the reason for these farmers to give up the high prices of the State Reserve company?

“Anyway, I stop to it, just wait for Arranging it, national policies Arranging Well, one night, but one day I froze their feet, and did not step forward, do not know which did not unload grain dumping.” ” Then you sell that car yet? “” sell. “” and sold a few days? “” and for several days. “

This is in Heilongjiang TV Taiwan, China launched earlier this year approved the temporary acquisition of No. 2 soybean program footage, sent the car in the acquisition of beans from the front of the queue point, because it is winter time, only minus 20-30 degrees outside, some waiting in line for farmers beans to make a better price, suffered quite a lot.

Interview, some farmers told reporters, before closing door traders are some beans, peas should sell it back to the acquisition of points designated by the State, should rent a car, if even a few days rafts team, this is spending a small fortune. “Yes, time is too long rows can not afford.” Since the soybean farmers can not afford

ranked teams line up to sell beans that is what people? Soybean farmers told reporters that those who drove the cart to sell beans, beans down all likelihood, that is commonly known as grain traders. They are all below the 1.85 national reserve price, to the following to collect it for a premium. “My family and I played this year, 30 000 kilos.” “30 000 kilos, how much you are selling?” “I sold a block of 6 7,1 7,1 Gross Block 5.”

Soybean farmers said that the national money and buy the original soy to protect the interests of farmers, the results benefit all down beans intermediaries. , “Received every year, this year the country received certificates over, also down a great effort, and let people pay traffickers are all monopolized the means.”

This time, the main soybean producing areas has been done in research in rural areas of Heilongjiang Grain Bureau Director Lvchao Wen told reporters on October 20 last year, the state launched the temporary storage of food acquisition, soybeans and corn, rice was included with into the scope of the acquisition, although the state purchasing and storage is not a new thing, but for the State Reserve soybeans, it becomes a first time. “From the soybean speaking, be said to be the first to enter the market as a species, the state acquired from the cancellation of orders after it, then do not carry out the policy of acquisition, it is entirely regulated by the market.”

1996, China liberalized soybean market, domestic soybean as the first release of agricultural products, would then start the same stage with foreign foreign soybean. In 2008, state why the policy of soybean to purchase it? Lvchao Wen said: “(2008) since the second half, as a result of the economic crisis, the state’s soybean market there has been a significant downturn, we can say that Chicago is the site from the U.S. soybean market is up so high over 1600 cents per bushel, Then late last year, is low when our new listing beans, low is 800 cents, or nearly 50%. SABUNG AYAM