Do What You Are Good At

If you ask me how to achieve goals, I would answer you with a question: “What are your goals?” Years ago, when I was single and young, I had only one goal: “To be successful in business.” This was of course a very vague concept but I was young and ignorant. I wanted success but I didn’t know what it meant or how to achieve it. I tried cultivated mushroom business because when I made a research in the Internet I saw that to produce cultivated mushrooms you only need a small enclosed space and horse manure. The profitability of cultivated mushrooms was so high that I could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just in one season. So me and a friend of mine rented some unused barn and started our cultivation process. We learned everything we need from the internet and everything was going very well. After we saw the first signs of mushrooms as thousands of white points in the barn we were the happiest two people in the world. We closed the door and started to wait for 2 weeks without disturbing the air and darkness in the barn. 2 weeks later we would be successful and rich.

2 weeks passed like a breeze. When we opened the door expecting to see our future shaped like white mushrooms we were shocked to see that the mushrooms were grown but their color was red. After a closer examination we saw that the mushrooms were in fact white but they were being eaten by very small red spiders and there were billions of those red spiders in the barn. We closed the door slowly; left the premises, and never returned again. I will spare those who wonder what the red spiders were from an internet search. They were red pepper mites.

Later when I was searching the internet for new entrepreneurial ideas, I decided to get into poultry business. Excess chicks were being sold with incredibly low prices and when you have the chick, all you have to do was to give them old breads, corn and other grains. In short time they would turn into adult chickens and you know what we people do with adult chickens. My only concern was that later part, so I found another partner for the unpleasant parts of this new enterprise. The chicks grew up to be chickens and in just one week we lost all of them to an unknown epidemic.

I was not a farmer or a livestock breeder but I had my youth and self confidence; and of course I was a stubborn kid. I never gave up on my dreams. Barns and farms were finished with me. I sat down I thought, “What am I good at?” The answer was very simple in fact. I was good at the Internet. So I started my internet business. This time I made a plan, wrote down possible problems and designed a solution for every problem I could think of. Cable mites could eat the fiber optic cables; viruses could kill all the computers in the world. I had a plan for everything. Who knows, if I made my calculations and plans for the mushroom farm maybe I wouldn’t be writing this now. This is how to achieve goals. Know yourself; believe in yourself; set your goals; make your plans; and start from your strongest orientation.
Sabung Ayam
Fall Handmade and Vintage Chick Event
The 4th annual Fall Handmade & Vintage Chick Event moves to Johnson Farms in Belton, MO (from Park Place) in 2017! This event will feature over 100 handmade & vintage local & regional vendors, live music, farm kids activities, locally grown mums from Johnson Farms, food & drinks & more!

9/15: 10am-6pm
9/16: 10am-6pm
9/17: 11am-4pm
General Admission: $5
Weekend Pass: $8
12 & under: Free