Do You Love Exercise Swimming?

Isn’t weight loss and exercise on everyone’s mind? So is it hard to shed that unwanted fat because finding a proper exercise is difficult. For all those who know how to swim the good news s that when you swim you are able to lose the most amount of calories ever.

It is probably the most effective form of aerobics. This way of losing weight is one of the best and it also helps one maintain that fitness and stay active. In this form of exercise you won’t be working any one part of your body, in fact you will work your entire body.

This is a feature that is rarely available in any kind of natural exercise like running. Exercise swimming is a great stress buster too. Since the density of a human body is said to be similar to that of water, a person will not be stressing his joints while swimming. So what are the exercise swimming benefits?


There is absolutely no stress that is put on your joints. In fact the water acts as a cushion to your joints. You will not be endangering them as you would while excessively walking or running. There is hardly any chance of one getting injured while exercise routine swimming and hence has gained a lot of popularity of being a safe way to work out. There are a lot of people who have injured themselves in other forms of exercise and have now turned to swimming to heal themselves.
You don’t have to be of a certain shape, size or any category to be able to swim. Everyone can swim; may it be a pregnant woman to people who have special abilities. No one has to be in a certain condition to swim. This makes it an excellent option for everyone of all ages.
Recently a study was conducted and the study suggested that those who spent adequate time exercise plan swimming were actually living longer. This meant that swimming actually increased the longevity. This maybe because it helps bring up the levels of immunity and keeps a person fit.
Just like elliptical trainers, diet swimming too is a great way to cross train. You will be working every part of your body when you swim. Taking up swimming before and after workout which are performed on the land helps one warm up and cool down. It’s a great way to give your muscles an excellent start as well as a way to relax.
Apart from all the physical advantages, the exercise is said to increase the mental health. For many people who have taken up swimming, it is a type of meditation which really helps them. Endless swimming makes people more mentally stable.
It is a great way to achieve weight loss. The number of calories burned in each workout in the pool is determined by dividing it by the number of miles and the actual body weight in pounds. A high intensity fitness swimming for 30 minutes can make you lose a lot of weight just like that.