Do You Want To Be Seen Everwhere?

Do you know that article marketing is a wonderful way to raise your Online visibility dramatically. Now before you get overwhelmed by this idea, let me tell you some good news. First, you don’t have to be found all over the internet. You just need to be found all over your niche. According to my good friend and colleague Denise Wakeman said that you wanted to be able to hear ‘I see you everywhere’. So if you want to know the answer, you should read on this article.


EzineArticles – So you want to be visible on the web in your niche? Then how would you like to be able to get in front of 30 million unique visitors a month as many times as you want?


30 million a month equals about a million a day or 44,000 and hour. That’s exactly what you get to do each time you have an article published on EzineArticles.


Great place to start but why stop there?


Facebook – Currently ranked as the second most trafficked site in the world, all you have to do hear is post an update to your Fan Page about your article. Use the article title or a quote from your article and include the link to you article.


And when you include the link, a little preview box will drop down where you can select a graphic that goes with it. This is nice “eye candy” that will bring in more traffic.


YouTube – Number 3 website in the world. Create a brief Video Article about just one of the points in your article. Then in both the video and in the video description, include the link to your article so they can get more great information from you.


YouTube allows you to take advantage of the screen that all of us were raised with – it’s your own TV station for your content.


Twitter – Ranked as the number 11 most trafficked website, you can use several parts of your article to bring traffic back to your article. Tweet the title, a quote, a bullet point, etc. And be sure to include the ling back to your article so the prospect can learn more.


And with Twitter you can tweet several messages a day to further increase your Online Visibility


And that’s just what you can do with one article. Imagine what would happen if you did this with each article, let’s say several a month?