Does Mike Geary Cover Everything In His Truth About Six Pack Abs?

As opposed to my initial reaction, Truth About Six Pack Abs does indeed cover just about everything there is to cover in terms of losing weight and gaining muscle. I believe this is probably THE strongest point of the program that separates it from the others.

First, Mike Geary is extremely careful to include separate instructions, expectations, and education for men and women. This is an extremely important difference – something that very few programs actually do. Since I’ve been a biology student for a big part of my life, I found his advice to not only be scientifically sound, but also full of experiential wisdom. The instructions given by Mike are SOUND. You can tell that he has used these very methods over and over with many people personally.

The second good part about the program was that it covered meal ideas and plans. You get plenty of great advice and ideas about various meal plans and what exactly to eat, and even recipes to preparing it. This is a step farther than any other program I have reviewed before takes it.
By providing meal plans and ideas of healthy, yet affordable and delicious meals, Mike Geary provides yet another motivation to be healthy and remove unwanted fat while gaining desirable muscle.

Finally, the exercise instructions. This is easily the biggest strength of the program. First, Mike takes the time to dispel some of the common myths that surround weight loss, muscle gain, exercising, abdominal area and so on. This is a great section since I’ve personally seen most of the individuals making these mistakes and this prevent them from seeing the kind of results that they generally should.

From an objective point of view, Truth About Six Pack Abs is an excellent product, and Mike Geary has done an excellent job with it.

Finally, Mike takes you through the maintenance aspects of being fit. This is a crucial component that is often left unaddressed with many other programs. A prime example would be Suzanne Gudakunst’s Top Secret Fat Loss. While innovative in it’s approach, Top Secret Fat Loss fails to provide a way or training to maintain the newly acquired fit body. That is not th ecase with Truth About Six Pack Abs, where if you did stick with what is provided in there for you, you cannot possibly return to a pot belly or fat-layers.

If you don’t succeed with it, then you probably can’t with anything.