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December 17, 2009, Beijing Mentougou contract dispute to court cause of action, acceptance of the Shanxi gold wine consumers Wang Shunhu litigation cases. Consumers and producers in the prosecution of businesses, while also gold wine involved four Wine Tasting Teachers have also gone to court. January 4, gold wine producers Wuliangye Health wine companies to the “Daily Economic News” said the company would defend the suit, and with the judicial investigation. Dispute does not lead consumers to drink

2009 11 11, consumers Wangshun Hu in Beijing Co., Ltd. Gate City Mall to buy poor quality health characteristics of Wuxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gold partner Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Group commissioned limited liability company health wine “gold card Halloween wine” (hereinafter referred to as gold wine) bottle gift set, price is 328 yuan.

“I saw the golden liquor Wuliangye official online” Product Manual “pages Advertisement Propaganda, saying that this wine features a variety of physical fitness. “Wangshun Hu told the” Daily Economic News “reporter, he came home every day to buy gold wine follow the instructions to take 20 to 30 ml, results not long after symptoms appeared and approached the companies have talked, but did not receive a satisfactory answer, then they seek help Hai Rights Hotline.

Plaintiff Proxy Wang Hai that person, product brochures and other advertising in connection there are some words to deceive and mislead consumers. In Hai’s help, Wang Shunhu on November 23, 2009 to the Beijing court, including Mentougou Sell Gold wine business, etc., related to the responsible party 8. On December 17 last year, the court formally accepted filing, cause of action to contract dispute.

Gold wine producer says it respondent
1 4, this reporter made Wuliangye health wine Deputy General Manager Liu Guoqiang. Some questions for consumers, Liu Guoqiang, said gold wine did receive some complaints from consumers and prosecution, but eventually won in court.

“For consumers, we will prosecute the respondent, with the judicial investigation.” Liu Guoqiang said. The blame for the exaggerated effects, he responded, gold wine has never been clear that products are treated, treatment and other effects, brochures on medicine itself, but marked efficacy. So whether the medicinal efficacy

gold wine is directly related to health effects? Why no “this product can not replace drugs,” the words, Liu is not a positive response to this, but said the company fully complied with the relevant provisions of the country.

For successful cases mentioned earlier, gold alcohol on Jan. 5 that the relevant materials will be issued to the press mail, but to reporters until the time of writing, yet to receive any materials companies.

4 tasters were indicted together Concern is that consumers in the prosecution of businesses and producers, while gold wine will be involved in 4-tasters also to court. From product brochure on the causes of passage: National Master peculiarity side tasting, high-Jing Yan, Gao Ming, Yang Ming visit Wuliangye Group, the gold in Tasting drink, highly consistent: “five kinds of grain, Liu Wei of Chinese medicine. Drink large up. “

“As a professional tasters, their scope of practice limited to wine color, flavor and taste to evaluate, are not eligible to evaluate effectiveness. ‘Drink nourishing’ effectiveness are described in clinical trials should be carried out by a qualified appraisal Identification of agencies to identify and examine the health administration department. “Hai that tasters to check the quality is not a statutory body, it can not afford to Spirit Raw material components identified. In addition, Wang Hai for the “five food, Liu Wei Chinese medicine” comes from the conclusions also had a question, and that the defendant’s evaluation of 4 people enough to mislead consumers.

In the indictment, the reporter found four tasters in the highest level of Shenyang of China Food Industry Association, a professional committee, vice president of liquor, wine expert, head of the country. SABUNG AYAM