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News Background

May 1 this year, approved by the Standardization Administration of China issued the “household and similar electrical appliances life span and recycling General” (the “General”) has started, and the related “household appliances safe useful life conditions “(hereinafter” Rules “), also launched. “General” provisions of the appliance’s “retirement” age, the use of home appliances such as life and recycling requirements in detail. Manufacturers to mark their safe use of household electrical appliances production period, the period from date of consumer purchase. Safety in the company within the period indicated, the normal use of consumer product safety accidents appliances, manufacturers will bear all responsibilities.

“Overage appliances” with no warranty protection

2008 11 28 morning, Ms. Yang Yiwu Shanghai Jiang District of public assistance centers to reflect the newspaper Yiwu duty room, she in 2000, recently purchased a computer monitor in use emit smell like burning taste, followed by black screen. The appliance maintenance officers found, display the internal circuit is caused by the aging. She wanted to monitor the maintenance vendors back, but was told that the computer has been a safe life.

Reporter learned that, for household appliances, most consumers have the “just-for-broke” attitude, as long as no problems, use the “last moment.” “Overage appliances” While still in use but has been a safe life.

News from Yiwu Consumer Association that in recent years because they received too many “over-aged household appliances,” compensation for injuries caused by the case, as most appliances have been the safe use period, they can not advocate for the rights of consumers.

Salesperson does not explain the consumer is not concerned

Under the “General” provisions, the manufacturer should take “the way the manufacturer self-declaration” to consumers express their period of safe use of household electrical appliances. Several major home appliances reporter in Yiwu Market survey found that most of the instructions on the appliance together with a “safety precautions”, but only a small number of home appliances posted a “safe life” sign. Promote product sales to customers, nor explain the safe use of life.

This, a mall official said, shopping is just as the seller, safe use of life should be marked by the manufacturer to explain. The manufacturers worry that sales are not willing to add “safe life” sign.

Journalists were interviewed five consumers are purchasing home appliances. Only one person heard of the “safe life.” A customer told reporters: “I chose to home appliances, as long as good quality, affordable on-line, as to how long the safe use of life in the end, do not care.”

Reporter then came to the sense Hoube Village Road Flea Market, where cheap second-hand home appliances, attract a lot of people, especially foreign migrant workers. But consumers come to purchasing second-hand appliances old and new housing only concerned about television, images are clear, the price is cheap, do not question the safety of electrical service life. A second-hand appliance store owner, told reporters after the recovery of these appliances have been repaired, the old shell replaced with a new, useless parts are replaced, and normal use no problem. Whether these have passed the safe use of electrical length, this boss said: “Since buying second-hand, can be used on the line, take care of what the safe use of life?”

“Overage appliances” more hidden

“Overage appliances” in the end how much of the security risk does exist? Yiwu top three home appliance repair center in Dong Zhengqing told reporters that the safe use of household appliances over the period, the internal components prone to aging. If the body by the vibration, impact and other external influences, and prone to short circuit, or even result in fire wire. “For example, electrical appliances such as TV after a long, internal dust too, may lead to tube explosion; such as electrical appliances like refrigerator long service life, the preservation effect was not obvious, there will be food in the ‘odor’ phenomenon, and ‘over-age household appliances’ electricity consumption of new appliances for electricity than is usually large. “

Quality of Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Yiwu City, the staff said that manufacturers of home appliances over the useful life of the security provided for the product on over their “shelf life”, it is prone to short circuits, explosions and other quality issues, consumers should be promptly eliminated “over-aged household appliances.” Consumers to buy appliances, be sure to ask what the production time and the safe use of life, and retain good shopping fat

According to “the safe use of household appliances life Regulations”
Years of safe use of common household appliances

Color TV 8 to 10 years

Refrigerator 12 to 16 years

Air 8 to 10 years

Electric water heater 8 years

Washing machine 8 years

Personal computer 6 years

Microwave 10 years SABUNG AYAM