Dog Bite Law: Los Angeles Police Dogs and Liability

Dog bite injuries inflicted by Los Angeles Police Division-owned canines can be specially challenging to attempt in court, based on the distinct circumstance surrounding the incident.

California provides unique protection to police departments against dog bite lawsuits, as extended as the injury occurred throughout an arrest and it did not stem from the police officer’s use of unnecessary force. However, the definition of “excessive force” can be subjective, depending on the victim’s criminal record and the events surrounding the actual arrest.

When the dog bite injury occurred outside of the situations of a effectively enforced arrest, or outdoors of official police department duties, California laws let for the victim of the dog bite to bring a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Division. Because the police department falls below the definition of a state or government entity, normal statutes of limitations do not apply, and the victim typically has as tiny as 60 days in which to file the claim.

In addition, police dogs are generally provided to one or two police officers for off duty care. These officers typically take the dogs to their houses at evening, as effectively. This indicates there are times when police dogs are not getting used to make legal arrests, and could bite a victim outside of the particular protection laws offered by California’s liability statutes.

When an off duty dog connected with the Los Angeles Police Division is involved in a dog bite lawsuit, each the person police officer and the Los Angeles Police Department can be held liable. Even while on duty, police dogs are placed in numerous scenarios in which they could potentially bite someone. For instance, police dogs are usually taken to schools for demonstrations, or to parades and community service events, exactly where there are a lot of young children present. Since statistics state children as being the most vulnerable and susceptible to getting a dog bite injury, the likelihood of an injury occurring in these circumstances is possible.

If you or a loved one particular have been the victim of a dog bite, and the dog was identified as a police dog connected with the Los Angeles Police Department, the success of your claim in court is extremely dependent on the circumstance surrounding the incident. A dog bite lawyer who has expertise handling dog bite litigation will be able to counsel you on the statutes of liability and limitations pertaining to your specific case, and provide suggestions on the feasibility of filing a claim with the court. Bringing a dog bite case against a government or state agency can be a challenging method, and you will need to have very detailed proof for your claim to be a success.