Dog Bites and the Law: Police Liability

Under California Law Police Are Liable for Unreasonable Police Dog Attacks

Police dogs are allowed to inflict injuries on some crime suspects even though apprehending them. Contact a dog bite injury lawyer to find out the limits.

Police service dogs are skillfully educated animals that carry out an important law enforcement function. Portion of their education includes attacking a suspected perpetrator of unsafe crimes, and they have been a component of law enforcement for several years. Contemporary use of particular breeds of dogs – German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois among them – goes back to the late 19th century in the U.S., but the ancient Greeks reportedly utilised dogs to detect criminals as far back as the Third Century B.C.

A thin line exists among acceptable apprehension of a suspected criminal and unreasonably excessive force – for example, when a police service dog attacks a person who is merely being charged on a site visitors matter. To some degree, the laws that apply to civilians and dogs hold for police dogs as well, but dog bite injury attorneys know there are provisions in the California dog bite statutes that give some leeway to police departments.

Citizens – such as those suspected of a crime – are protected by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution against unreasonable and excessive search and seizure. Some crucial points a trial lawyer would take into account as to whether a dog bite case warrants litigation:

Have been you suspected of a violent or non-violent crime, and did you present an instant danger to other folks or oneself (for instance, did you wield a weapon)?Had been you physically resisting arrest?Did you provoke the dog in any way?Did the police officers have other significantly less injurious alternatives for apprehending you?Did law enforcement officials unjustifiably encourage the attack to be specifically violent and protracted?Did you endure in depth injuries, which could incorporate broken skin and damage to muscles, tendons, blood vessels and bones?The truth of the matter is that the breeds of dogs used for police service can viciously inflict serious injuries and even death. If you or a loved a single was subject to what you believe is excessive and unwarranted force and injury due to an overzealous police dog, you require to make contact with a private injury lawyer who specializes in dog bites. Ideally, the attorney will be capable to prove that your attack was unwarranted and that you are due appropriate compensation for medical remedy and care, lost time at function and possibly pain and suffering.