Dongguan Claims Of Millions Of Internet Cafes Or Refer To Microsoft’s “genuine” Of Too

HC communication network Dongguan, and Microsoft Internet cafe industry in China will face between “life and death battle.” “Daily Economic News” has learned from the Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court tomorrow (May 12), Dongguan City of Life Network Communicate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dynamic network) between China and Microsoft “computer software copyright infringement dispute” cases of the hearing.

Insiders say, is not a dynamic network of people fighting back on behalf of the entire Internet cafe industry in Dongguan. Once lost, Dongguan, more than 1,000 Internet cafes will be about 100 million yuan to pay Microsoft royalties. Internet cafe operators in Dongguan, the eyes of Microsoft’s conduct “allegedly engaged in monopoly.”

Dynamic network is the claim 600,000 yuan

5 10, Storm The mixture of the dynamic network of leading Internet cafes in Dongguan Huang Peihong legal representative of the mood a lot heavier than usual.

“Received the court summons a month ago did not know until September last year, Microsoft filed a lawsuit on.” Huangpei Hong told the “Daily Economic News” reporter.

Complaint on Microsoft, said Microsoft has found that dynamic network in 2009 without the Microsoft licensing in the case, the unauthorized copying, installation, use the Microsoft Windows family of law is copyrighted by the software and WindowsServer Series software.

Microsoft that the company as a dynamic network of companies operating Internet cafes, in addition to unauthorized copying, installation and commercial use involving software, will also be involved with computer hardware and software leased to the behavior of consumers, but also a serious violation of Microsoft the software rental right and to authorize others to exercise the right to lease the right to receive remuneration rights. Microsoft believes that dynamic networking company violated its right to receive a huge profit, and to bring Microsoft more than 60 million in economic losses.

Microsoft made in the complaint in a number of lawsuits, the first dynamic network of companies required to immediately stop copyright infringement on the company and immediately stop their unauthorized copying, installation, use and rental software behavior, while deleted or destroyed Mobile Networks owned or controlled all infringing copies and the carrier with infringing copies, while Microsoft needs to compensate 600,000 yuan economic loss.

“Winning or losing a lawsuit is not important, even if lost, can not afford the cost of compensation would not only demand that Microsoft is not reasonable.” Huangpei Hong describes himself in the company’s end?? “Lost will become cannon fodder, also when successful not a hero. “

Dongguan thousands of Internet cafes face “life and death battle”

In fact, the dynamic network only Microsoft anti-piracy software in Dongguan, the first goal. Why Mobile Network surgery? The industry believes that the largest dynamic network in the local, the city has eight branches, nearly 1,500 the number of computers and Internet cafes, Dongguan City, Huang Peihong or vice president of industry associations.

Huangpei Hong said that as early as last April, Microsoft Mobile Internet cafes have received quickly by, when the company requested towns Street cafes, Dongguan City Association of two representatives, to negotiate with Microsoft. Microsoft has given the condition that before the year July 31 to purchase genuine Microsoft software, if purchased in May 31 will receive a discount of 6.5 per set fee (total 580 yuan) preferential price, or they will resort to the law.

However, the Internet cafe operators that Microsoft asking price too high to be acceptable. After 3 rounds of negotiations, the parties have not reached a consensus. Why not use the Internet cafe operators genuine Microsoft software? “At that time we proposed public offer online only 300 yuan, while Microsoft’s volume sold to PC manufacturers, but also the price of 100 yuan.” Huang Peihong some angry, but Microsoft’s explanation is that the Internet offer of 300 yuan is Home Edition, Internet cafes using a commercial version, the price is different. SABUNG AYAM