Do’s and Don’ts soon after a Vehicle Accident

Being involved in an auto-accident is a very traumatic situation. Every year, about six million U.S. motorists are involved in motor automobile accidents. What is much more traumatic than the accident is acts or issues that the victims do and don’t do after a car or motor-vehicle accident. So it becomes crucial that you not only recognize the things that you ought to do but also the things that must not do in order to protect your self and to improve the probabilities of getting compensation.

At Law workplace of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C., our proactive and seasoned attorneys employ aggressive measures to get you the claim you deserve for the lost wages, medical bills, pain &amp suffering. To strengthen your claim you need to comply with these simple and simple guidelines:


Get healthcare interest immediately soon after the accident. Healthcare focus is not only required to detect injuries but also because the healthcare report serves as a worthwhile asset for your automobile-accident claim.
Report your accident within a quick period to your insurers. As reporting also lengthy soon after the accident can threaten your chances of getting compensation you deserve.
Keep your conversation short although speaking to the insurers and police, never volunteer any data beyond essentials and without the counsel of your lawyer.
Create down or notice data relating to the witnesses and other drivers involved in the accident like names, addresses &amp phone numbers.
Take the photographs of the accident scene for the further proof.
File a police report as most of the insurance companies do not think about the car accident situations with no police report worthy of affordable settlement.
Correct away get in touch with an skilled law firm. The sooner your case is in the hands of an experienced lawyer far better are the chances of receiving precise compensation.
Mentioned above are the issues you should do right after auto accident just like there are the factors you need to not do:

Do not admit your fault right away or give statements to the police without having the counsel of your lawyer.
Do not discuss vehicle accident at length with your insurers as they most of occasions use the victims’ words against them in order to deny claim.
Do not agree to the settlement terms with out consulting your attorney.

If you have any further queries or if you or any of your loved ones have been engaged in an auto-accident and you need to have professional help Make contact with Law workplace of Andrew S. Kasmer P.C. Our skilled lawyers will evaluation your case and aid you to get the compensation you deserve.
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