Downstream Industries To Expand Market Demand Boost Ethylene – Vinyl, Petrochemicals – Plastics

HC plastic net News: ethylene and downstream industry chain is very long, a ‘large ethylene’ project can bring a number of related projects. A megaton ethylene project goes into operation, can drive more than 1,000 billion yuan industrial investment downstream. It is understood that Sinopec Tianjin one million tons of ethylene and related projects include not only the annual output of 1 million tons of ethylene, as well as in 10 million tons refinery project. The project has been in full production by early 2010. It is reported that the ethylene production project to achieve the eco-friendly, working with the topic of this year’s low-carbon combination, once again reflects the increase in gradually improving.

Such as ethylene project in Tianjin Petrochemical production many conditions and capability of the enterprises are put into ethylene project, the transportation industry association involved in ethylene raw material, but because of excessive production, the global ethylene market is facing oversupply.

Market capacity expansion policy Ethylene is known as “the mother of the petrochemical industry,” vinyl long industrial chain penetration into the textile, apparel, automotive, electronics, building materials, most plastics and chemical industry. As a car producing countries, home appliances consumer, textile exporting countries, with the processing and manufacturing output rising domestic market demand for ethylene and downstream products is increasing.

Statistics, from 1990 to 2003, China’s ethylene equivalent consumption of 12% annual growth since the growth rate even more striking, in 2003 China’s ethylene equivalent consumption of 13.5 million tons in 2005, this figure will reach 18.76 million tons, nearly two years, troubles with 40% of China’s ethylene market has become the fastest growing, increasing the duration of the longest countries.

From the U.S., Western Europe, Japan and other developed countries and some developing countries and regions of the petrochemical industry history in development, in the economic take-off stage, the growth rate of demand for ethylene equivalent is often the same GDP growth rate of 1.5 times. With China’s sustained and rapid economic development, domestic market demand for petrochemical products will continue to show rapid growth momentum.

This end, experts predict that 2005 to 2010, China’s ethylene equivalent consumption of an average annual rate of 7.8%, to reach 27 million tons in 2010; from 2010 to 2015, the average annual consumption of ethylene equivalent growth rate of 6.6%, to reach 37 million tons by 2015.

2010 ethylene consumption structure in China: Polyethylene 55.4% of total consumption, ethylene glycol was 18.1%, PVC 12%, 10% styrene. Among them, the low density / linear low density polyethylene consumption was 7,880,000 tons, accounting for 29% of ethylene consumption; consumption of high-density polyethylene 716 million tons, accounting for 26.4% of ethylene consumption.

Huge demand for ethylene industry in China to speed up development of a broad market space, at the same time, as the industrial production of upstream products, ethylene production capacity is often seen as a manifestation of a country’s economic strength. World Ethylene Industry in the face of new trends, speed up the development pace of China’s petrochemical industry, improve our international competitiveness of petrochemical products is imperative.

Global ethylene capacity data statistical analysis

According to SRI Consulting in March 27, 2010 statistical report released by the global ethylene demand reached 112 million tons in 2009, is expected to average annual growth rate in 2015 was about 4%, will reach about 116 million tons. Concentrated in the Middle East and Asia. SABUNG AYAM