Dress Goddess Rules – Casual Dresses Must Have Je Ne Sais Quoi

Just because an event is “casual”, it does not necessarily mean your dress has to be laid-back too. It does not have to be informal in the way that it has no verve and life. Fashion Goddess Principle #79 is: Casual dresses should have je ne sais quoi.

As you probably understand or know, “Je ne sais quoi” literally means “I do not know.” But the real soul of the expression is, “I know something Good.” It is a laissez-faire manner of telling the world that you are aware of the mystery to looking amazing. Preserve this in mind as you explore how to purchase a casual dress on the net.

Playful Club Dresses

You have got a girls’ night out planned with your girlfriends. What do you wear? How can you appear done-up without appearing desperate? There’s a blissful medium between casual and, “That chick looks like a hot mess.”

Black is great. Nevertheless it will not catch the eye of the attractive guy who might be down for grabbing a few drinks. This is a misjudgement numerous women of all ages make. They wear black after which they over-accessorize to make the outfit look much more appealing. Should you begin with a dynamic color, you will inevitably be more dazzling.

For instance: Precious Formals design #P8644. It’s created from teeny turquoise sequins. From far away, it looks like a classic lace halter dress. Up close, it’s much more active.

The Ideal Party Dress

Say you’ve been invited to some house party. Since parties can be packed and stuffy, you will see many girls wearing jeans along with a cute top. On the other hand, a couple of daring girls bust out the most attention-catching look they can discover. Isn’t there something in between?

Yes. It’s a party not a Barbecue, so leave the jeans at home. But too ritzy of a dress will appear wrong too. Discover something color-rich but laid-back. Look for components that have radiant patterns with tons of heart and soul.

Case in point: DG design #1065. It’s a fireworks rainbow display of tune on a black backdrop. It is a sporty belted shirt-dress look you can dance in all night long.

Summer Dresses

Your current wardrobe should always have a sense of humor. You will not be monotonous if your look makes people smile. It is a false impression that bold prints are fussy. You are able to try things out with bold prints in seasonal color palette and still have a relaxed appearance.

Summer is the perfect time to attempt an enjoyable dress. It’s the time of year when hems get shorter and straps get slimmer. The quest is on for the perfect sundress!

It should have spaghetti straps or no straps at all. And it should take its ideas from the June, July and August nature scenes. Example: Sherri Hill #1220. This strapless minidress is really a decoupage of embroidered leaves and pink flowers.

Cocktail Dresses

Today’s modern cocktail parties are mainly informal get-togethers. The focus is on yummy drinks vs intricate fashion. Unfussy short dresses are my choice for this category.

However don’t skimp on the je ne sais quoi. You can be nonchalant without appearing boring. Think about a style that will inspire discussion; something unique yet uncomplicated.

As an example: Sherri Hill #2115. On the surface it’s a brown sweater dress with a diamond style. Up close, the ornate golden beading is hypnotic.

I hope this helps!
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