Drop Shipping – Income Opportunities With eBay and Drop Shipping

eBay is one of those sites who have generated a lot of traffic. It’s a virtual market that has opened up vast income opportunities and many entrepreneurs have grabbed this. Particularly, e-commerce is made more feasible to small businesses thanks to drop shipping. With this method, you need to work with a drop shipping company like SaleHoo, when selling your products. You do not need to buy those products first, before you go advertising them in eBay. That’s the beauty of drop shipping. This way, you can sell as many products as you can without shelling out a single cent.

It may sound so simple, but a lot of it relies on how good your drop shipping company is. Unfortunately there are bogus drop shipping companies out there and you need to be extra careful not to deal with these groups. Here are some qualifications that based on my experience, a drop shipping company should have and you need to look for:

Wholesale prices of the drop shipping companies will offer should be attractive for you. This means that they are willing to give you a price lower than that of a regular retail store. While there are some businesses who can afford to buy large volumes and get better deals accordingly, drop shippers should give you a good price for products whether you order one or one hundred. Do your homework and compare prices that suppliers offer.

Aside from low price, you need to make sure that the products these companies supply are quality and authentic. There are drop shippers who claim to sell designer labels, only to find out these are cheap imitations. You’ll never expect clients to come back with such scheme.

Companies who stand by their products confidently offer money back guarantees. This way, if you do not like the product or service, you can easily refund your money, no questions asked. These types of guarantees would also assure you that companies will do what they can to satisfy their clients.

Reputable drop shipping companies also offer excellent customer service. This can be in the form of phone support or electronic tracking of products and services. Companies with phone support show their willingness to help customers and maintain loyal patrons.

Last quality that you need to check is how fast and efficient they ship. A lot of clients fuss over how long it takes for them to get the products, so you need to make sure you will deliver as promised.