Ducking Off The Streets During Song Kran

Not all Thai people celebrate Song Kran at the identical time. It is decided by the location in which you live what day or week you carry out the celebration. The distinction in between Western New Year and Song Kran, aside from asking for rain, is how Thai people celebrate and how lengthy the celebration lasts.

Song Kran is all about water. Thai men and women do not care if you do or never want to participate in the festivities – they just get you wet. It will take place that when you happen to be driving, walking, riding a bike, or sitting in the back of a Tuk Tuk men and women will get you wet in any way they can.

Thai’s will use hoses attached to fire hydrants or water sources from buildings, buckets of cold water, water bottles of all sizes and description and water from the neighborhood canals to soak cars and people walking the streets. It is also really common to be involved in a drive-by-soaking carried out by folks in the back of pickup trucks with buckets of water.

Though it’s a great time to join in and cool off from the midday heat, it is not a secure time for foreign travellers to be out. Some Thai folks can be extremely cruel to foreigners and place prickly heat into the water, food colouring meant to stain clothing and something else to make your skin itch and burn. Even though this is mostly aimed at foreigners, some locals get a taste of the unwanted substances as a malicious joke.

Along with the joys and worries of the super soaking comes the infant powder. Thai people of all ages really like to cover their faces in child powder to hold them from sweating and overheating.

This is understandable because of the intense heat, more than 40 degrees celsius, experienced each day. As you have water either poured on you or thrown at you, an individual will also apply a tiny baby powder to your cheeks and the top of your head as a blessing. It is really type of good but be careful when it gets wet and it drips into your eyes.

All in all the concept of the approaching rainy season appears daunting due to the fact the winds and rains of a tropical storm, at least once each day, can do a lot of damage. It is needed and can be timed almost by the minute when the season starts. This allows you to get all your buying and laundry completed and out of the way ahead of Mother Nature makes rivers on the ground.