Dunga: The Brazilian superstar without a good team destined to miss the size of South Africa Romania

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Ronaldinho Is there hope in South Africa the World Cup? Dunga once again given a negative answer. “Milan News Network,” said the Brazilian coach said in a public Brazilian squad for World Cup glory in South Africa “no accident”, which means that Brazil, the dream of King to South Africa will eventually burst.


Dunga, Ronaldinho and around the topic of the new season is not over before. Ronaldinho a great comeback season trend, has been 12 goals and 14 assists in the performance of the Brazilian middle of the season 3 games King has ushered in state 6, the peak of the ball, “Gazzetta dello Sport,” loud and clear to Dunga ” that Ronaldinho has not participated in the World Cup truth? “But no matter how high the voice of the media and fans, Dunga has always unmoved.

Numerous times in public, have a tough Dunga said the World Cup in South Africa will not have Selecao array size of Romania’s presence. Nevertheless, the fans are always with the best look, look at the last minute Dunga “soft-hearted” to bring Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, after all, the ability to, as long as he did one hundred percent of the investment, still will be a beautiful World Cup in South Africa landscape.

But now fear of the best looking turn to naught, Dunga in a recent interview, stressed that “Brazil (World Cup campaign in South Africa) in the final squad will not have accidents, we trained together 3 years now has formed a good understanding, now is not to join any team we can ensure that our stronger, even if he is the world’s superstar, I can only say that I should ensure that these players are now qualifying for men. “


“Ronaldinho is not only exclusion from this Brazilian national team, and even scored 5 goals in a Nier Ma, I can not guarantee he will be able to participate in the World Cup, we still wait and see, in May the final list will be announced, but I advise (those who look forward Ronaldinho in the World Cup) the fans do not hold too much of expectations. “

Similar to the case with Ronaldinho, Ronaldo’s no better big where to go. Today, the top scorer in World Cup history has repeatedly getting the cold shoulder by Dunga. In an interview recently, the big emotional Lo said, “unworthy of knowing the current status and ability to participate in the World Cup in South Africa, but the desire and dreams for the World Cup, never stopped,” and even President Lula of Brazil Dunga are able to complete his wish ” alien, “the last prayer, but Dunga’s attitude for large Luo, either directly denied or want to avoid, perhaps” alien “really want to say goodbye to the football world with a regret (Tai Law have expressed their wish to participate in After retiring after the World Cup in South Africa). “